By the looks of it is a crime to tell everyone that a person is going to usher some smelly demons out of his/her back door. Moreover, it is even illegal to say to a group of people in the restaurant that a person is going to put out a little hate paste. So declaring that you are heading to a bathroom of a restaurant is worthy of calling the coppers.

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A man from New Orleans was reportedly arrested on the Canal Street at Willie’s Chicken Shack as he told the employees that “the chicken shack is going to be closed immediately as he is on his way to blow up the bathroom and this is indeed a euphemism to go for a monster dump in the toilet and more or less the explosive that he is referring to is indeed violent in nature. And blowing the place up signifies the forceful spray of diarrhea that generally sounds like a machine gun when it is fired into the miniature pool of the toilet.

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Arthur Posey 30-year-old citizen of New Orleans even tried explaining the same to the police in a detailed manner, but the police did not have his bull****. Instead Arthur Posey was arrested and was also allegedly charged with a couple of communicating with falsified information of the planned arson.


The verdict is currently unknown, but by the looks of it, Posey was actually talking about bombing the bathroom or was he talking about bombing the restaurant. By taking a peek at the menu of Willie’s Chicken Shack, there is an indication that the fare of a chicken joint is capable enough to give rise to a wild, sudden and wet bowel movement. Cajun fries, crispy wings, and jambalaya are some of the food items on the menu of Willie’s Chicken Shack that has the liquify the insides of a man and send the liquified stool out of the rear part of the person.

Source: willieschickenshack

There is also a possibility that either Arthur Posey was drunk or insane to say something like this in a public place.