An adult star who has been in the profession for nearly 30 years has revealed why she now refuses to appear in scenes with male actors.

Julia Ann, 53, debuted in her first adult star film in 1992 and has since established herself as one of the industry’s biggest celebrities.

The actress recently opened up on the Holly Randall Unfiltered podcast, where she discussed her industry experiences and why she now exclusively appears in all female scenes.

Julia revealed just before making her decision that she married her husband, who is not in the adult film industry, but that this was not a factor in her decision.

Adult Star Julia Ann

Adult star Julia Ann

The 53-year-old adult star stated that her spouse isn’t the “jealous type,” adding, “He knew who I was; he knew the whole thing.”

Julia explained to listeners that she no longer works with guys since her body is changing as she ages and enters menopause.

“The reason why I stopped doing boy girl was because, as a woman who was getting older, and one who hates the gym, I was finding that I couldn’t control where my fat was going in a scene with guys,” she explained.

She continued: “This is my reality and no bulls**t. When I have s*x with a girl, I can position myself, I can work it a certain way, I can be a little bit more, oh how you doing today?

“But when a guy’s behind you, it’s just [doink doink doink] and stuff is just happening and I can feel it happening.”

Julia went on to say that she has become self-conscious about her figure, particularly how wrinkles seem on camera.

The podcast’s host, Holly Randall, has over 20 years of experience in the adult film industry and shared Julia’s fears.

“Especially with more seasoned guys, they will move you around into whatever position you want, to open you up on camera – that’s great when you’re thin and little and petite and look good from every angle,” Holly explained.

Julia went on to say that after menopause, her body “moves separate from itself,” and she brought up the question of having a relationship while working in the adult film industry.

The 53-year-old and Holly shared the feedback they received from others outside of the business, including comments regarding personal relationships.


“They like to cut people like that, so instead of saying like the guy literally doesn’t care, they’re like, oh that guy’s some sort of sad cuck,” Julia said.

The adult star maintains that those who make harsh comments are too insecure about being in relationships with her.