Folks, we’ve entered a new era of AI-generated content. And it’s quite frightening.

While lonely guys being duped out of money by phony porn sites is nothing new, the age of artificial intelligence is making it easier than ever.

It turns out that a group of Redditors was duped into thinking they were paying a gorgeous young woman for nudity when they were actually interacting with a robot.

When photos of ‘Claudia’ began to circulate, the social networking site was positively vibrating with excitement.

On the surface, the risqué photos appeared to be just that: titillation for men looking for a thrill.

The model captioned one of her photos on the site, “Feeling pretty today.”

AI-generated woman

AI-generated woman

And numerous men pounced at the chance, saying they’d give Claudia whatever she wanted in exchange for a nasty photo.

One user said: “You’re looking very pretty.”

Another remarked: “You are absolutely gorgeous!! Will make a great trophy wife someday.”

“Holy crap, you are beautiful,” put a third.

However, not everyone was convinced.

Some others noticed that the photographs were a touch wrong, a little too polished to be authentic.

“For those who aren’t aware, I’m going to kill your fantasy,” one person wrote.

“This is literally an AI creation, if you’ve ever worked with AI image models and making your own long enough, you can 10000 percent tell. Sorry to ruin the surprise I guess.”

And it turned out that their Spidey instincts were correct since Claudia was the product of a couple of computer science students who went by the handle ‘u/Cl4ud14′.

They utilized a freely available application named Stable Diffusion.

After the cat was out of the bag, people began requesting that the account show Claudia’s hands, citing AI-generated programs’ inability to generate lifelike fingers.

At least for the time being.

And, according to the men behind the hoax, they made roughly $100 from selling photos before being discovered.

“You could say this whole account is just a test to see if you can fool people with AI-generated pictures,” they told Rolling Stone.

“You could compare it to the vtubers, they create their own characters and play as an entirely different person. We honestly didn’t think it would get this much traction.”

Claudia, according to one of their victims, ‘cheated’ them.

This, I believe, has a lesson for everyone. You should not believe everything you read on Reddit.