While you may believe that wearing flip-flops or Crocs on an airline is more comfortable than wearing trainers or heels, you should reconsider.

A flight attendant has revealed why you should keep this type of footwear safely stowed – and it’s not because you have stinky feet.

Andrea Fischbach, an American Airlines stewardess, explains why shoes like these and backless sandals and high heels should be avoided at all costs.

The flight attendant told us that this footwear is dangerous on a flight, especially if passengers are asked to escape the plane fast.

While stewardesses wear high heels, Ms. Fischbach has disclosed that they are impractical and that they are usually removed.

airline steward

Fischbach said: ‘Heels can possibly cause further damage to emergency exits or hurt others if they go flying off somehow.

‘I would really advise against high heels or flip-flops or any slides, mostly for safety purposes.

‘If there is an evacuation and slides are required, your high heels will have to come off, as they can puncture the slide.

‘Who knows where and in what conditions you’ll land. Plus, they aren’t very practical running gate to gate.’

While many people may correctly point out that flight attendants wear high heels throughout flights, such as when serving customers or taking calls, Ms. Fischbach emphasized that they aren’t actually practical.

She claims that they switch heels after takeoff.

Airline steward

She added: ‘As if another reason is needed, they make the metal detectors go off (if you are lucky enough to have pre-check) thanks to nails in the heels.

‘Flip-flops and backless shoes can also end up flying off your feet, and your feet are more likely to freeze, especially during a long flight.’

She also mentioned that wearing exposed shoes can lead to an unsanitary trip to the Airline lavatory.

Ms. Fischbach recommends switching out your slippers, sandals, or flip-flops for something closed while heading to the bathroom mid-flight.

‘Be mindful of wearing sandals if you intend to use the loo,’ she said.

‘That isn’t water on the floor (yes, use your imagination), and sandals invite whatever that liquid is to splash on your feet.’

According to the airline stewardess, other items you should not wear when flying are for comfort, practicality, and safety.

Wearing simply a sports bra and leggings, as planes may get cold and are fire dangers, is prohibited, as is wearing anything confining.

Wearing constrictive clothing may cause stomach swelling or deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which occurs when a blood clot forms in a vein, most commonly in the legs.

Instead, layer up to guarantee a pleasant flight, recommend that you bring a lightweight jacket or cashmere hoodie with you.

She also recommends bringing your own pair of thick socks for added warmth.