Amber Heard has remained out of the public eye since the slander trial in Fairfax County, Virginia. The Aquaman actress, who had begun to reveal an outstanding future in Hollywood as the leading lady, Princess Mera, alongside Jason Momoa’s titular superhero, now sleeps in pieces at the deepest crevasse of an ocean. But not everything appears to be lost for Heard, and the former Hollywood star has found new meaning in her life through her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard.

Amber Heard Finds Solitude With Her Daughter Oonagh Paige

Amber Heard Finds Solitude With Her Daughter Oonagh Paige

Amber Heard sought refuge among the sun-glazed cities of Spain in the aftermath of the tumultuous trial and the unrelenting and harsh criticism, derision, and humiliation suffered during and after the Virginia trial. She lives there with her friends and enjoys relative obscurity while visiting farmer’s markets or strolling down the beaches of Mallorca. But what appears to be an idyllic and gorgeous life stems from the heinous and sensationalized events of the last five years, and as much as one wishes to move on, it is truly easier said than done.

Amber Heard is settling in well in her chosen country of residence, away from the hustle and bustle of la la land, with her daughter almost two years old. According to the Daily Mail, the sneers and abuse that pushed the actress away from the US have not subsided, which claimed that people recognized her while strolling down the street but chose to ignore her. According to appearances, Heard prefers the same. “A part of me wants to maintain that my private life is none of anyone’s business,” she said after her surrogate daughter was born.

Amber Heard Sets an Example in Parenting Style

“Outdoors and wellness” appears to be the ongoing theme of Amber Heard’s Instagram profile, which features a few photos of the actress with her baby. Each meticulously curated image appears to be aesthetically crafted to portray a happy relationship and a satisfying existence, similar to those linked with photo frames at gift shops. In reality, that is also the case, and Amber Heard, despite the chaotic state of things she displayed throughout last year’s trial, does find an anchor with her newborn child.

Amber Heard

Oonagh Paige’s birth on April 8, 2021, could not be kept secret from the public view, especially with Heard’s burgeoning renown with her DC career and the forthcoming high-profile celebrity trial. “I also get that the nature of my job compels me to take control of this,” the actress said on social media after realizing what needed to be done. She seemed to be doing well two years later, away from the constant dizzying rush of Hollywood drama, where she can “get to be a mum full-time” and not constantly “juggle calls with lawyers.”