The Boston Marathon Bombing was a tragic event that claimed innocent lives and injured hundreds. Netflix’s three-part docu-series sheds light on the events that unfolded during the 101 hours of the subsequent search, revealing the bravery of individuals that led to the arrest of the two domestic terrorists. The series consists of hour-long episodes that tell what happened during this nightmarish event.

The First Episode – White Hat, Black Hat

The first episode focuses on the bombings, including poring over CCTV footage, setting up the Black Falcon terminal to collect evidence, and interviews with survivors, police officers, and officials in charge of the investigation.

The Second Episode – The American Dream

The second chapter turns to the search for the two suspects, including an intense carjacking, a big shootout in Watertown, and the social impact of the bombing, namely Islamophobia creeping in as angry and scared citizens begin pointing the finger at Muslims.

The Third Episode – You Can’t Interview A Corpse

The third episode continues with the earlier thread of the search, leading to a dramatic and conclusive chapter that ends this nightmare.

Balanced Perspective and Eye-Opening Content

American Manhunt takes a balanced perspective, highlighting both the difficult decisions law enforcement made to try to detain the suspects and the ineptitude of the law enforcement during this whole event.

The shootout at Watertown saw hundreds of bullets fired into the town, and some of the still photos showing bullet holes inside houses raise more significant questions about the police. The series also covers Dzhokhar’s hiding place during the search, a point of contention and one of the glaring points of scrutiny across the entire series.

American Manhunt has a good deal of variety in its coverage, with voices condemning or praising the police work offering a nice balance to allow viewers to draw their conclusions. Informative diagrams, maps, and surveillance footage are together and time-synced to the different events, showing how big a job this was.

Overlong But Insightful

While American Manhunt may sometimes feel overlong and repetitive, the balanced perspective and numerous interviews offer insightful and shocking revelations. The series may appeal to fans of true-crime series looking for a deep dive into the events surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombing.


Q: Is American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing available on Netflix?

A: Yes, it is. The docu-series is a Netflix original production; all three episodes are available for streaming on the platform.

Q: Is American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing appropriate for all viewers?

A: The series contains graphic footage of the bombing, its aftermath, and some violent scenes during the search for the suspects. It is recommended for mature audiences only.

Q: How long is American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing?

A: The series consists of three one-hour episodes for a total runtime of approximately three hours.

Q: Is American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing a good documentary series?

A: American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing has received positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. It offers a detailed and balanced perspective on the events surrounding the bombings and the subsequent search for the suspects.

Q: Does American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing explore the social impact of the bombing?

A: Yes, the series touches on the issue of Islamophobia that arose in the aftermath of the bombings and the broader societal impact of the event.