Andrew Tate claims that he has been poisoned, and has posted unusual videos of his supposedly worsening health.

The 36-year-old controversial social media influencer, who became famous for his posts about masculinity, has had a rough few months. On December 29, he and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania while police looked into allegations of s*xual assault, exploitation, organized crime, and human trafficking.

Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) caught the brothers along with two women in the same case.

They spent 30 days in a detention center and had their time there extended several times. Their requests to be set free were also turned down.

Andrew Tate

But on March 31, they were finally let go and put under house arrest by Romanian officials. The arrest was supposed to end, but it was just extended for another 30 days. This means that the brothers won’t be able to leave until at least May 29, while officials continue to look into what happened.

Since he has been on house arrest, Andrew Tate has posted a number of mysterious videos and messages, including a Tweet in which he seems to say that he will be shot as soon as he is freed.

I prepare my body to absorb the brutal kinetics of piercing lead,

he wrote.

As all other silencing attempts fail, and stage 3 approaches – I anticipate a bullet will be the chosen utensil of pacification. I can only pray and prepare. I will force myself to breathe the best I can. I promise.

Now, the former Big Brother contestant, who has denied all the accusations against him and Tristan, has said on his Twitter page that he may have been poisoned and had a bad reaction.

Andrew Tate penned in a now-deleted tweet:

Face swollen. Blood pressure is through the roof. Skins on fire. Hard to breathe. Some sort of severe reaction or poison. Only had coffee and water so far today. All appeared in the last 5mins,

alongside a picture and video showing the severity of the issue.

After that, Andrew Tate’s account, which was apparently updated by a third party, said that he wasn’t going to take medicine because he was afraid a doctor would kill him with injections. In another message, they wrote that he has no allergies and won’t do anything.

Andrew is not allergic to anything,

one post read, according to The Mirror.

This has never happened before. Has only had water and coffee today. Either an insect bite or some matrix attack insanity in his bottled water. He’s refusing doctors and is focusing on tea and breathing. Will keep you all updated.


Andrews fine. Says that pain is part of life. He says the doctor will inject him with ‘who knows what’ and kill him. He’s in lotus position and drinking tea. As long as he can breathe he refuses medical attention – so far so good. The question is where this came from,

they added.

The former kickboxing world champion is being held as part of an investigation, and he is also being sued by three women who say he r*ped and abused them.


According to Sky News, the women made these accusations against Andrew Tate in 2015, which is eight years ago.

However, detectives on the case didn’t take them seriously, so the case was eventually dropped.

Since 2013, the alleged victims had been working as webcam models for Andrew Tate in Luton, where they said they were mistreated, underpaid, and threatened so they wouldn’t go to the police.