Attack on Titan Season 5 is certainly not on the cards, but will we have an Attack on Titan Spin off? The anime adaptation of Attack on Titan is reaching its conclusion, with the manga ending years earlier. The final battle between the Scout Regiment and Eren Jaeger has divided the fan base. Hajime Isayama, the creator, visited North America last year for the first time and addressed the possibility of spin-offs set in the world of Titans that could bring fans back to this universe.

Attack on Titan Season 5 and Anime Spin Off Release Rumours Status Confirmed by Creator
Hajime Isayama, the Creator of Attack on Titan.

Will there ever be an Attack on Titan Season 5?

There has been no official news regarding Attack on Titan Season 5. It’s worth noting that Attack on Titan Season 4, the final season of the Anime, is currently airing and will cover the remainder of the manga’s story. What’s interesting is that the director’s cut of the final chapter did leave room for potential future stories featuring new characters. Any potential sequel would likely be quite different from the original story and could involve a large time skip. However, at this point, it’s all speculation and nothing has been confirmed.

Attack on Titan Spin-Offs

Attack on Titan Season 5 and Anime Spin Off release date

Regarding the possibility of a spin-off to Attack on Titan, Isayama revealed in a recent interview with Crunchyroll that he has “no plans as of now” to return to the world he created, dashing any hopes fans may have had for a continuation of the story. A spin-off could act like an Attack on Titan Season 5. But it will be a while before something materializes.

Despite not having any plans for a spin-off series, it was suggested in an interview with Hajime Isayama that he may explore an untold story featuring Captain Levi in the Attack on Titan universe.

“Regarding Levi, I actually have something in my mind, but at the same time, I don’t know if I will be able to write that or not.”

Captain Levi, a fan-favorite character from Attack on Titan, has earned popularity due to his combat prowess and steely demeanor. While we may never see Isayama’s untold story involving Levi on-screen, fans can anticipate breathtaking scenes featuring Levi in the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 set to release later this year.

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