FBI Franchise Fans, Brace Yourselves: A Two-Week Break Awaits

Temporary Hiatus for CBS’s FBI Shows: What to Expect

As fans of CBS’s FBI series, we’ve been enjoying a steady flow of new episodes. However, the question arises: What’s happening with the CBS schedule tonight, Tuesday, March 21?

No New Episodes Tonight

Although we’d love to delve into the latest cases involving the three FBI teams this week, that won’t be possible. Unfortunately, there will be no new episodes of any of the three shows tonight, Tuesday, March 21.

In fact, no new episodes will be aired for the remainder of March. We’re entering a two-week break, but rest assured, reruns will be broadcast throughout this period.

This hiatus is likely due to scheduling constraints. CBS has already set finale dates for its shows, and there aren’t enough episodes to fill the time until those dates. As a result, occasional breaks are needed, which is relatively standard for this time of year. It also provides the production team time to film the final episodes.

When will the FBI shows return with new episodes?

Mark Your Calendars: April 4 Brings a Three-Way Crossover Event.

Fret not, as the break will only last a few weeks. The FBI series will return with new episodes on Tuesday, April 4.

This comeback promises to be a significant one. It features a three-way crossover event that CBS has been eagerly promoting. The leads of the three shows even participated in a video call to share that something big was on the horizon.

The crossover event will cause the shows to air slightly out of order, similar to the first-ever three-way crossover. In that instance, Most Wanted was moved an hour earlier, and International premiered an hour later than its usual timeslot.

This time around, the International and the flagship series will switch places. The crossover will commence with the Fly Team in FBI: International, followed by the case moving to the States, where Maggie’s team will tackle the situation before handing it off to Remy Scott and his Fugitive Task Force.

So, mark your calendars for the return of the three FBI shows with new episodes on Tuesday, April 4. In the meantime, catch up on all three shows on Paramount+.