The news that we see today is mostly negative. Thus, after seeing them, we don’t feel good. So, an illustrator from North Devon, United Kingdom,  named Amii James, is illustrating a series of good news that took place lately. 

Her talent has helped her to improve her own mental health. And her followers love her art too. You can scroll down to have a look. 

Amii is 22, born and raised in Ilfracombe. “It’s a small town. So, opportunities are definitely limited. And the prospect of going to university and avoiding a 9-5 did feel unrealistic for the majority of my life,” she told us. “At 19, however, I got into the University of Plymouth to study a degree in Illustration. There I struggled to find my niche until the final year!”

“During the first COVID-19 lockdown, I began posting my simplistic humorous webcomics. These comics were with less concern over how they would be received. And that’s when things began to rapidly pick up!”

“The humor in my work is absolutely a reflection of my personality, and I believe that’s why I never get tired of it,” the artist explained. “Having a following that loves my work means that I also have a following that enjoys my personality, which creates a lovely community of like-minded people. It also means that if anybody reaches out to me for commissions, collabs, etc., then they already know what to expect from me.”

“The 2020 post received a hugely positive response. It became clear that nobody had seen much positive news in a very long time. So that small dose of joy was a welcome relief. It only made sense from here to make this a weekly occurrence! It will also leave me with a wonderfully long list at the end of the year. What I plan to do with that is a secret!”