Attack on Titan’s Last Episode – The Final Season is slated to air in Fall 2023, bringing the thrilling narrative of Eren and Paradis Island to its ultimate resolution.

Attack on Titan fans can rejoice as the series finale approaches sooner than expected. Attack on Titan – The Final Season, Part 2, is set to air in Fall 2023, concluding the animated saga of Eren and Paradis Island.

Attack on Titan – The Final Season, Part 1

Attack on Titan – The Final Season, Part 1 returned with a special, 1-hour long episode on March 3, 2023, after a fourteen-month hiatus and a suspenseful cliffhanger. The storyline featured Eren Yaeger transforming into the Founding Titan and initiating the devastating Rumbling, an apocalyptic attack utilizing the hoard of Colossal Titans concealed within the Walls of Paradis Island to annihilate all other civilizations. Following the airing of Part 1, the official website announced that Part 2 is slated to premiere in Fall 2023, accompanied by a teaser video.

After a decade-long run, the final episode of Attack on Titan will wrap up the series.

The official title for Attack on Titan’s Last Episodes is The Final Chapters: Special 1 and Special 2, which has caused confusion among fans due to the convoluted naming conventions. Technically, the episodes that aired in March should be considered Part 3 of Attack on Titan Season 4, but this would result in the upcoming conclusion being labeled as Season 4 – Part 3, Part 2. Hence, the name change. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that Season 4 began airing in December 2020, making it a unique case in anime history with its unconventional release schedule.

Attack on Titan's Last Episode
Eren, Attack on Titan

Certainly, most avid Attack on Titan fans are already aware of the manga’s conclusion as they have read it, but this has not diminished the anime’s popularity in the slightest. The series boasts an impressive 9.0 rating on IMDb, and Attack on Titan – The Final Chapters: Special 1 has already garnered an impressive 9.6 rating from over 26,000 votes, a well-deserved score. Despite MAPPA taking their time to deliver the Attack on Titan’s Last Episode, the quality of the product remains exceptional. Special 1 vividly portrays the devastating consequences of the Rumbling on the world, with the animation effectively capturing the fear and desperation of those caught in the catastrophe.

Attack on Titan's Last Episode
The Rumbling, Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan’s Last Episode is scheduled to air in Fall 2023, precisely a decade after the series’ initial release in September 2013. This fact alone speaks to the impact and influence of Attack on Titan, as an entire generation has grown up with it, making it one of the most influential anime of the past decade. For Western fans, Attack on Titan’s Last Episode can be expected to be available on Crunchyroll shortly after its airing in Japan.

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