Bam Margera posted a new video in which he says some mean things about his family. But, as this is reported, Lamar Odom offered Bam Margera a free stay at one of his addiction treatment centers. Bam Margera says he heard about Lamar’s offer and will take him up on it.


Bam Margera says he’s given up drinking because of some scary things that happened in his personal life.

He also says he tested negative for m*th after his brother said he was hooked on the dangerous drug.

Bam Margera

Bam Margera put out a series of statements Friday, first saying,

Well my brother made false accusations of me being on m*th. But when I wear to god and Phoenix the wolfs life I’m not, I went with my lawyers to urgent care. Guess what Jesse margera. The results are negative. Now you will be evicted from castlebam sooner than later. Get your f***in s*** out HOMOner. Oh wait… not no more.

Jess said that Bam was on m*th and hallucinating earlier this week when he was still on the run from the police. This really got under Bam’s skin, and he hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Bam denied these claims and told Jess that he would sue him for slander and kick him out of his house.

Bam Margera

Bam also says he’s done drinking for the sake of his son, Phoenix.

I have been through official termoil with my family.

He also thanked his current girlfriend, Jessica, for being there for him during his recent problems.

For once I am not dating a hot dog strutting floozy.

He praised Jessica for helping him hire Michael van der Veen as an attorney to help him with his ongoing case with his brother.

Finally, Bam takes a shot at his ex-wife, Missy Margera, whom he thinks tried to help the police find him while he was on the run last week.

As reported, Bam turned himself in to the police on Thursday. He had been on the run for four days after his brother told the police that Bam beat him up and threatened to kill him.