Breaking Bad Spinoff Series’ Final Season to Stream in North America

According to reports from What’s on Netflix, the highly anticipated sixth and final season of Better Call Saul will be arriving on Netflix in North America in just one month’s time. The show, consisting of 13 episodes, originally aired on AMC from April 2022 to August 2022, and will now be available to stream on Netflix in the United States and Canada beginning on Tuesday, April 18.

Better Call Saul Brings Breaking Bad Full Circle

Serving as both a prequel and spinoff of the highly acclaimed show Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul premiered in 2015, with Bob Odenkirk reprising his role as lawyer Saul Goodman, also known as Jimmy McGill. The show follows the transformation of Jimmy from a well-meaning con man to the sleazy lawyer known in Breaking Bad.

The show’s main cast also includes Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut and Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring, as well as newcomers Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, Patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin, Michael Mando as Nacho Varga, Michael McKean as Chuck McGill, and Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca. The show also features recurring appearances from familiar faces such as Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, respectively.

All of Breaking Bad on Netflix

With the arrival of Better Call Saul Season 6 on Netflix, all main live-action entries in the Breaking Bad franchise will be available to stream on the platform. Breaking Bad’s five seasons and the first five seasons of Better Call Saul are already on the platform, along with the exclusive feature film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, starring Aaron Paul.

No Slippin’ on Netflix Yet

However, fans will have to look elsewhere for the non-canon animated prequel series Slippin’ Jimmy, which premiered as an AMC+ exclusive in 2022. While there are currently no plans for the show to move to Netflix, all six episodes of Slippin’ Jimmy are currently available to stream for free on Amazon.

“I am so excited for fans to see the final season of Better Call Saul. It’s been an incredible journey and I am grateful to have been a part of it.” – Bob Odenkirk