Betty White’s previous home in Los Angeles, where she had resided for decades, is now nothing but dust and dirt… while the new owners want to build a large mansion in its stead.

The late actress’s relatively modest Brentwood home was recently demolished… and now, images of the aftermath have emerged, showing construction crews already hard at work laying the groundwork for something new.

Betty White’s former home has been demolished.

As you can see, her old house – an approximately 3,000-square-foot edifice with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, packed with a pool – is nearly all gone, indicating that the people coming in did wish to build from the ground up, leaving no sign of the original estate intact.

According to real estate records obtained by us, the buyers were a dentist and his wife… and it appears that they applied for bulldozing permission in November. They filed more paperwork in February of this year, indicating their interest in installing a new pool and spa.

It appears they are also planning to build an entirely new main house. Given what they’ve already indicated they’ll be putting in, you can bet it’ll be a lot bigger than what BW was staying in for decades.

Betty had lived at this Brentwood address since the 1960s, as many know, and her Hollywood career took off shortly after. Her home was a popular star attraction for tourists visiting the town, but they can no longer view what was formerly there.

Betty White’s Longtime Los Angeles Residence

Betty White's Longtime Los Angeles Residence

To be honest, it’s very depressing. However, when you pay upwards of $10 million for a piece of real land, you have the right to do anything you want with it, regardless of its iconic status.

The castle of the Golden Girl has crumbled.