The spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 355 are here, and fans are going crazy. Yuno seems to be back and is much stronger than before.

Read on to know more about the spoilers for Chapter 355.

Yuno and Lucius fighting

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The title of the chapter is “Prince of Stars.”

In the previous chapter, the king of magic, Lucius Zogratis returned and he was surrounded by some strange flying objects. In this chapter, the most surprising part was that he was surrounded by what can only be described as Angels. They were without legs and had a halo around their heads. How was  Lucius able to manage such a feat is hard to tell.

At the beginning of the chapter, the editor’s note says, “This man also strives to become the strongest. This could clearly have been said to Yuno. Jack is clearly injured. Yami is worried about him. Jack has a big hole in his stomach, and his recovery is very unlikely. William then goes back to attack Lucius Zogratis. William says that whatever he is today is because of Julius, and he will do anything it takes to stop Lucius. Lucius warns William that he is not who Lucius wants to fight. As soon as this is said, William touches the Time Magic spell, and his body starts to disintegrate.

Yuno gets stronger and fights Lucius

The angels, as seen at the end of the previous chapter, start attacking with lights. Yuno easily stops them using the star magic. Everyone is surprised and comments on how he can stop an attack of such a huge magnitude. People were able to see stars during the day due to the decisive attack.

Yami is surprised by Yuno and his strength. He wonders if Yuno got this strong in the past year or just a few months. William is also surprised and realizes that Yuno has gotten stronger than him. He tells Yuno that he is now truly the captain of the Golden Dawn.

Yuno then tells Lucius Zogratis that he will never forget him; He will definitely defeat Lucius. Simply because he is meant to be the Wizard King. Upon hearing this, Lucius Zogratis vows to defeat Yuno.

Black Clover Chapter 355 release date and where to read online

The chapter is set to be released on 26th March, Sunday. For more information regarding the release date and how to read the latest chapter online legally, you can see head over to our guide here.