Black Clover Chapter 358 was published, and after reading it in English, manga readers were puzzled. While the latest chapter had some pretty interesting turnout but the fans were not so happy with the English Translations by Viz Media.

In the last chapter as we have seen the intense battle between Mereleona and Moris took an interesting turn. However, Viz Media couldn’t keep the fans happy with their English translations as they couldn’t keep up the intense dialogue that was originally illustrated in Japanese. The dialogue appeared quite weaker, especially the parts of Mereoleona.

Black Clover Chapter 358 English Translations Disappoint Online Fans
Black Clover Chapter 358

Black Clover Chapter 358

***Spoilers Ahead***

Black Clover chapter 358’s distinct meanings in the VIZ version leave fans perplexed. Fans have taken this to Twitter and discussed the sloppy translation produced by Viz Media.

Mereoleona’s dialogues in Black Clover Chapter 358’s official English translation by VIZ Media suggest that she wants to set herself on fire in order to ensure that she reduces Paladin Morris to dust.

However, according to the raw Japanese page text of Black Clover which reads “貴様を命を燃やし”, that means Mereoleona stated that she intended to burn Morris alive. This means she didn’t consider herself in the scene, perhaps expecting to survive.

Black Clover Chapter 358 English Translations Disappoint Online Fans
An excerpt from the manga Black Clover Chapter 358

Mereoleona appears to desire to burn herself alive, as illustrated by Taylor Engel’s Black Clover VIZ translations. Fans were made aware of this online by Twitter user @PikkuProgram, and numerous internet users shared their opinions in the post’s comments area.

One of the fans even speculated a theory that the translator might know what was going to happen in the manga’s future, which is why he translated the language in such a way. While the theory may seem absurd, it is not completely out of the question considering that it is a highly intriguing plot aspect.

Many viewers were already anticipating a nasty turn in the combat between Mereoleona Vermillion and Paladin Morris. But the sloppy translations by Viz Media had the fans disappointed.

Let’s see what fans have to say about this matter.

Although one fan argued,

Similarly, Jujutsu Kaisen, which depicted Satoru Gojo emerging from the Prison Realm, was seen to do the same. Although the chapter was well received, fans did not appreciate how Viz Media’s translations downplayed the conversation, which was a major plot point.

Hope in the next upcoming chapters, Viz Media does a better job with their translations.