Blue Lock Chapter 216 will be released on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023. After the Ubers scored an equalizing goal, Isagi was left astonished as he was not able to understand how they did it.

Ubers from Blue Lock Chapter 216
Ubers from Blue Lock Manga and their formation on the side as posted by a Reddit user.

Blue Lock Chapter 216 release date

The new chapter will be released on 25th April 2023, Wednesday Japanese Standard Time. This means that for most international fans, Blue Lock Chapter 216 release date falls on Tuesday, April 24th, 2023. The Global timings and dates are as follows

The chapter Title is “Stealth Kill.”

  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM, April 26, 2023, Wednesday.
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10:00 AM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • Central Standard Time: 9:00 AM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • Pacific Standard Time: 7:00 AM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • Central European Time: 4:00 PM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • British Standard Time: 3:00 PM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11:00 PM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM, April 25, 2023, Tuesday
  • Australian Central Standard Time: 12:30 AM, April 26, 2023, Wednesday.

Where to read Blue Lock manga online?

The only option to read the manga is by purchasing Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine digitally or physically. It is available on all online book-purchasing sites such as Amazon, Rakuten Books, Apple iBooks, Reader Store, eBookJapan, and many more.

Blue Lock Chapter 216 Spoilers: What to Expect?

No spoilers or raw scans have been leaked for Blue Lock Chapter 216 as of yet. They are usually released on anonymous online forums such as Twitter, Reddit, and 4Chan. We will update you as soon as any new spoilers are leaked.

In the previous chapter, the equalizing goal was scored by the Ubers. They did not immediately score the goal, they were passing the ball among themselves and only scored when they were in a certain formation. Isagi will mostly try to figure out how the Ubers managed to score the goal.

Blue Lock Chapter 215 summary

Blue Lock chapter 215, titled “Successor” opens with the Ubers in control of the ball after Niko’s steal. Gagamaru is preparing for a potential goal-bound shot when Niko sends the ball to Sendo, who then passes it to Barou, surprising Gagamaru. While Barou is being pursued by Yukimiya and another BM player, Barou unexpectedly passes the ball to Niko, defying their expectations.

Gagamaru wonders who is in possession of the ball at the moment as he is astounded by how their passes connect without any stoppage. Birkenstock is marking Barou, and Ali on Sendo, and Kurona is marking Niko in front of Gagamaru. Then, without warning, a shot comes from Barou, and Gagamaru is too late to react.

The beginning of the Neo-Egoist League in Italy is then briefly mentioned in the chapter. Master Striker of the Ubers, Marc Snuffy talks to his team about his ideology. Snuffy believes that playing football is work and that he should only use his talent for the sport, but Barou disagrees. Barou wants to rule the world in his own way and sees football as a means of achieving that goal. Barou declines Snuffy’s invitation to join him as his successor at work.

Snuffy tells the story of how he and his best friend failed to live up to their potential as football kings. They failed because of under-trained performance, injuries sustained during play, and scandals that cost them their position as regular. When Snuffy’s best friend committed suicide, he understood that life was more than just football. He reminds Barou that, regardless of talent, he only has to cling to the fact that he is a person first and a football player second. Snuffy again gives Barou an invitation to “work” alongside him as the “King of Ubers” and succeed him. Blue Lock Chapter 216 is supposed to start right from this point.