The Threat

Bob Odenkirk, the Emmy-winning actor who portrays Saul Goodman on the AMC series “Better Call Saul,” claimed that he saved Carol Burnett’s character from being killed in the show’s sixth and final season.

During NBC’s “90 Years of Laughter + Love” special in honor of Burnett’s 90th birthday, Bob Odenkirk revealed that he refused to continue production if her character was killed off.

“Carol, there’s something that you should know: Vince wanted my character to kill you in that scene,” he said, referring to executive producer Vince Gilligan. “But I refused, and I told him I’d walk.”

Bob Odenkirk added that he was willing to risk his career and never work in the entertainment industry again to prevent children from seeing him on the street and saying, “Mommy, that’s the man who killed Carol Burnett.”

Carol Burnett on the Set of ‘Better Call Saul’

Burnett joined “Better Call Saul” as the mother of a cab driver targeted by Saul for a scam. She told Vulture that she met Gilligan through her daughter, who was a guest star on “The X-Files,” which Gilligan wrote for.

“I was telling him how much I love ‘Better Call Saul,'” Burnett said. “And he said, ‘I may write something for you.’ I said, ‘I don’t care if it’s a sentence — I’ll be there.’ And so they wrote this part for me.”

Burnett spent two months filming in New Mexico and said the show’s cast and crew made her feel like family.

Upcoming Project

Burnett, a comedy legend, is set to star in the Apple TV+ series “Palm Royale” with Laura Dern, Kristen Wiig, and Allison Janney.”


Why did Bob Odenkirk refuse to let Carol Burnett’s character be killed off on “Better Call Saul”?

Bob Odenkirk, who plays the main character Saul Goodman on the show, was uncomfortable with his character killing off Carol Burnett’s character. He did not want to be known as the actor who killed off Carol Burnett, especially in front of children who watched the show. Therefore, he threatened to leave the production if the scene was not changed. The location was eventually rewritten, and Burnett’s character was saved.

How did Carol Burnett get her role on “Better Call Saul”?

Carol Burnett was offered the role of the mother of a cab driver whom Saul targets for a scam on the show “Better Call Saul.” The offer came from Vince Gilligan, the show’s executive producer, who had previously worked with Burnett’s daughter on “The X-Files.” Burnett had expressed her love for “Better Call Saul” in a conversation with Gilligan, who then offered her the role.

What is Carol Burnett’s upcoming project?

Carol Burnett will star in the upcoming Apple TV+ series “Palm Royale” alongside Laura Dern, Kristen Wiig, and Allison Janney.

Source: IndieWire