With the upcoming Boruto Chapter 32, it is a very interesting phase going on in the Boruto manga at the moment. The whole arc of Kawaki has been exceptional until now.

Boruto 32: Plot

Boruto Chapter 32: Release Date, Plot, Speculations And Spoilers

Delta and Naruto get into a fight in the last chapter. Naruto mostly played weaker but that doesn’t mean Delta wasn’t impressive. Naruto shouldn’t underestimate her serious nature in any way possible. It’s hard to say what Ikemoto is leading himself with this fight. Naruto is seemingly pulling off an easy victory. However, then all the Kara members will be downplayed.

Boruto 32: Spoilers and Preview

Boruto Chapter 32: Release Date, Plot, Speculations And Spoilers

We don’t even want them to be overpowered at the same time. This is when it was stated clearly that Naruto is slightly stronger than Jigen. In the story-build, we believe this Boruto 32 chapter will certainly play a significant role. And as we hope, maybe we get to see what’s left for Kawaki.

Boruto 32’s preview hints at subtle developments and suggests that something may happen to Kawaki. We don’t know what will actually happen because previews can be misleading at times. Naruto and Delta’s fight will continue in Boruto 32.

Boruto 32: What Fans May Expect

Boruto Chapter 32- What Fans May Expect

Kashin Koji making a move in Boruto 32 is also something fans may expect. Koji knows almost everything that has happened and it’s weird not having to see him involved. However, we do feel that Himawari will be saved by Boruto and Kawaki. And this could be where they can get intercepted by Koji.

And when Koji does that, his next target will be Kawaki. He may also target Boruto as both of them shall have Karma seals and it’ll be very intriguing to see if Jigen catches Boruto. This could also be an interesting twist.

Boruto 32: Release Date and Raw Scans

Chapter 32 of Boruto will release later this week. The official release is on February 25, 2019. The raw scans will hit on February 22.