Boruto chapter 80 had a spoiler update just a few days before the release. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming manga chapter and its spoiler, including how to read them online.

Boruto Chapter 80
Kawaki is raised by Jigen to be the next vessel to Ishiki.

Spoilers ahead!

Boruto chapter 80 release date hiatus and spoilers 

Boruuto chapter 79 saw Eida exchange places between Boruto and Kawaki. The incredible god-like powers of Eida manipulate everybody’s mind into thinking that Boruto killed Naruto and Hinata while Kawaki is their son. Kawaki had sealed Naruto and Hinata in another timeless dimension. Giving him the advantage of killing Boruto. This results in him meeting Eida on his way, and thus their exchange results in Boruto and Kawaki switching places. The manga went on a month-long Hiatu after the chapter release.

Surprisingly, the only two who weren’t affected byEida’s powers were Sarada and Sumire. In Boruto chapter 80, Sumire calls Sarada and explains the situation to her. We see Shikamaru announce to the public of Konoha that Borutois now on the run as he is the reason behind the death of Naruto. The chapter then moves to Eida apologizing to Boruto for what she did. This has created a lot of confusion among the fans, and the fan base is questioning whose side Eida is on.

Boruto Chapter 80
Sasuke and Boruto may stay away from the village and train.

Sharada and Sasuke’s role in Boruto chapter 80 and beyond 

After the recent turn of events, Sasuke returns to Konoha. Sarada asks Sasuke for help in saving Boruto from the dangers of the village. He doesn’t trust her until she awakens the Mnagekyo Sharingan. Upon seeing this, he starts to trust her. She insists that his memories are a lie and to trust her. The father and daughter duo move to save Boruto, who is being chased by team 7.

They catch up to him, and now just as they are about to catch Boruto, he is saved by Sasuke and Sharada. It is predicted that Sasuke will train the young protagonist in the series. This explains Sasuke’s clock and sword in the time skip at the beginning of the series.

Upon its eventual release, fans will be able to read the Boruto chapter 80 manga on Viz media and Manga Plus, the official manga site for Shueisha. Stay updated on the latest manga and anime news on Hiptoro.