It will be very exciting to see what Boruto chapter 80 will give us. Our dear protagonist is in a very tough situation as the whole village now despises him. How will he come out of this situation?

Read on to learn a few predictions for the next chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers
Can Sasuke save his student this time?

Eida used her trump card against Boruto

In Boruto Chapter 79, Eida used her memory-manipulating power to make Kawaki Naruto’s son. Boruto became the outsider who took advantage of Naruto and his family and ultimately betrayed them. The only person we know so far that did not get affected by this power was Sarada. Many Theories suggest that Naruto, Sasuke, and Hinata might also not be affected by this power.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers release date
Eida from Boruto animated series.

Eida changing Boruto and Kawaki’s places could mean that everything will change. Kawaki will be left to act however he pleases, while Boruto will be hunted down for being a former Kara member and a rouge ninja. Sasuke (if affected) will start to think of Kawaki as his student and expect him to know Rasengan.

Momoshiki’s prediction came true that Boruto would lose everything and everyone he loved. Naruto and Hinata are stuck in another dimension where they are frozen and will not die of thirst or hunger. Naturally, they do not know about the situation outside. No updates have been made about their situation as of yet, and hopefully, Boruto Chapter 80 will give a glimpse of what they might do to escape the dimension they are stuck inside. As for Himawari, Boruto’s sister, it is theorized that she might also be unaffected by this power.

Will Sasuke be able to save Boruto with his powers in Boruto Chapter 80?

One of the most popular Boruto Chapter 80 spoiler theories going around is that Sasuke is able to use his Izanagi powers. This was normally used in some Naruto filler episodes. The power exists non the less and will be very useful in this situation. Sasuke’s Izanagi can help change reality, and he can reverse what Eida did. However, it could mean that Sasuke could go blind if he uses this power in Boruto chapter 80. This could change the plot entirely and give Sasuke a much bigger sacrifice than he deserves.

This does sound very easy in terms of the plot. Mostly the series can drag on it a bit before officially making it possible, if at all. Sasuke might have to make such a big sacrifice for his best friend’s son and student. If He doesn’t use the Izanagi, then all he can do is give shelter to Boruto while he recovers and help him find Naruto and Hinata.

Other theories for Boruto Chapter 80

There are, of course, so many other ways in which the situation for Boruto can change. Eida might have a change of heart after seeing how much Kawakii has fallen and reversing what she did. If Naruto and Hinata can escape the dimension they are stuck in, they can help Boruto by trying to convince the other villagers or maybe the Hokage can figure out some technique to reverse Eida’s doing.

Another Boruto Chapter 80 theory is that while Naruto and Hinata are still stuck in the other dimension, Sasuke can save Boruto and take him into hiding. There he, Sarada, and Boruto can train for a few years and this can give us some concept for the upcoming Timeskip arc.

We might just be underestimating our protagonist as well. Boruto might go into hiding with some of his friends who still remember him. Eventually, his powers might help him figure out how to reverse the damage done by Eida as well as rescue his parents.