Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers reveal that Eida’s reality manipulation won’t crush the Hokage’s son, instead he views it as a challenge to overcome.

Warning: The below text contains Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers: Naruto Next Generations, “What Dad Would Do!,” created by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto, and Snir Aharon. The chapter is now officially released in English by Viz Media.

One of the major points of discussion in the Boruto manga has been the main character’s personality. Naruto, in particular, doubted whether his son had the necessary composure, clarity of mind, and responsibility to be a shinobi, especially after Boruto’s cheating in the ninja exams. However, since then, Boruto has matured significantly and proven himself to be a model young ninja dedicated to protecting Konoha.

Boruto Kawaki Eida
Boruto Kawaki Eida

Tragically, the Village Hidden in the Leaves has been shaken by Eida’s all-powerful reality manipulation. As a result, Boruto has become the antagonist of the narrative, with everyone under her spell and pursuing him. Despite the belief that being isolated would shatter Boruto both mentally and physically, Kawaki’s encouragement of Eida to reshape reality is having the opposite effect. In Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers, Boruto displays an unbreakable resolve and a more tactical approach to combat, preferring strategy over raw power and brute force.

Boruto Chapter 80 Spoilers: Boruto Comes Into His Own.

Boruto Chapter 80
Boruto Chapter 80

Fortunately, Sasuke Uchiha has also gone into hiding and is aiding Boruto, heeding his daughter Sarada’s advice and remaining immune to Eida’s powers. Sasuke intends to train Naruto’s son to improve his skills. However, Eida warns that Kawaki won’t cease his pursuit until Boruto is eliminated, leaving Sasuke regretful. Despite this, Boruto chooses not to retaliate and take the first strike against his foe, as he empathizes with Kawaki’s feelings of isolation and understands his pain.

He relates through understanding and sympathy as someone who has also been an outsider and comprehends how others perceived Kawaki as an untrustworthy and dangerous weapon. Shikamaru and his team assumed that Kawaki, with his Karma mark and Isshiki’s abilities, would be a criminal of this nature. Ironically, Kawaki now believes that Boruto will become the same if Momoshiki overtakes the Hokage’s son. However, just as Naruto believed in Kawaki, Boruto trusts that he can persuade his adversary to abandon Eida’s mind control.

Boruto aims to demonstrate to Kawaki that their conflict is not a battle but merely a “sibling rivalry” that they can overcome, alluding to Naruto’s “talk no jutsu” and how he utilized the power of words to disarm and reform his enemies. This completely disrupts Momoshiki’s plot, as the extraterrestrial assumed that Boruto would succumb and allow him to possess the child, rendering Boruto a host once more. Instead, Boruto is even more resolute than before in proving that he is not a murderer and will not harm his allies, infuriating Momoshiki since he cannot acquire the child as an Ōtsutsuki vessel. Nevertheless, he will undoubtedly persist in attempting to corrupt the child while they are on the run.

Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers reveal that Boruto has finally become the ideal student.

sasuke, boruto and naruto
Sasuke, Boruto and Naruto

This mindset greatly reinforces Boruto’s mission. Despite their immense power, both Naruto and his father, Minato, are at their strongest when utilizing their intellect. As a result, Boruto’s more strategic approach to combat makes him the most suitable inheritor of their legacy. Interestingly, they appear to be more self-assured, confident, and composed than ever before when their mental state is stable.

This concerns Eida, who regrets her actions and fears Boruto is not taking the fight against Kawaki seriously enough, which could result in his death. According to her, Boruto must defeat Kawaki and convince him to desire the reversal of the spell, something that can only happen if her beloved instructs her to do so. On the other hand, this development is promising for Sasuke as a mentor to Boruto since he now has an ideal and motivated student who is focused and undistracted.

In the past, Boruto’s immature behavior, obsession with fame and other trivial matters made him unsuitable for training. However, Boruto Chapter 80 spoilers reveal his current determination to save himself, free Konoha, and persuade Kawaki to bring his parents back, showing that he’s truly committed to this mission. This marks a significant transformation in Boruto, proving that he’s capable of utilizing both the Uchiha and Uzumaki legacies to become the hero everyone expects him to be.