Will Code and Boruto team up to fight Kawaki? Possible spoilers for Boruto chapter 81 might have the possible answer to this question. Read on to find out more.

Boruto chapter 81 spoilers
We might probably not get to see Code and Boruto fight side by side.

Will Code and Boruto team up in Boruto chapter 81?

Kawaki put away Boruto’s parents in the Daikokuten dimension and they probably won’t be seen anytime soon. While Code is still on the run and feels betrayed by Kawaki in more than one way. Kawaki not only stole Eida from Code but also the Isshiki. Jigen also failed to reincarnate in Kawaki after he died. All this has left Code feeling more and more hatred toward Kawaki.

On the other hand, Boruto also has a lot of bone to pick with Kawaki. He not only betrayed Boruto but also locked away his parents. It also left the little Himwari to take care of herself. Kawaki is hell-bent on killing all Otsutsuki including Boruto and this will mean there is no redemption for him in the future. This means that both Code and Boruto have the fight to pick with Kawaki which could indicate a possible team up.

Why a possible team-up is impossible in Boruto Chapter 81

Since Eida has rewritten everyone’s memory to think Boruto and Kawaki switched places, Kawaki is now the seventh Hokage’s son while Boruto is the outsider who betrayed Konoha and is on the run. Only a few people are immune to this ability, including Sarada and Sumire who might be able to help Boruto in the future. It has also been revealed that Code is also affected by this and will mostly go after Boruto thinking he is the one who betrayed Code.

This means fans might not get to see the much anticipated Code and Kawaki fight in Boruto Chapter 81. Code will most likely go after Boruto to exact his revenge thinking he did the things Kawaki did.

Where to read Boruto Manga online?

Boruto manga is available to read for free on the official Shueisha mobile app called Manga Plus. The first and latest three chapters of the manga are also available to read for free on Viz Media’s official website.