Boruto Episode 294 is the beginning of Part 2 of the series. Boruto Part 2 was announced to be a Naruto Shippuden style anime. Although Part 1 of the anime concluded upon the last episode being released on March 26th, 2023, no official announcement on Part 2 was made. Fans were expecting some announcement in May, but nothing has been said as of yet.

Naruto and Boruto in Chapter 293
Naruto and Boruto in Chapter 293

Boruto Episode 294 is not releasing anytime soon

The lack of announcements regarding part 2 of the Boruto anime has disappointed many fans. Boruto Manga is still being published monthly and is expected to go on without a hiatus. The manga and anime have different endings for part 1. While in the manga, Naruto and Hinata are stuck in the Daikokuten dimension, the anime has Naruto be well and fine. The manga also had Eida switch Boruto and Kawakii’s place in almost everybody’s mind, nothing much happens in the anime.

From all of the changes, it is expected that some aspects of the anime will be different in comparison to the manga. Fans can have different experiences when reading the manga and watching the anime. It will be interesting to know what direction Boruto episode 294 will take as the time skip in the anime also showed Kawaki and Boruto fighting on top of the Hokage stones.

As of yet, no official announcement has been made on when the Boruto anime will presume. However, fans are expecting Boruto episode 294 part 2 to start airing sometime this year. Things will get more interesting in the Boruto anime as Naruto is still around his son unlike in the manga. Fans will be excited to know how the anime will be progressing with the story.

Where to watch Boruto anime online?

Boruto is available to watch on the anime streaming platform, Crunchyroll on a subscription basis. In some countries, it is available to watch on the streaming platform, Hulu.