Finding out the Boruto filler episodes saves you time and lets you complete the anime series quickly. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have a lot of filler episodes that do not contribute to the main storyline of the anime series.

As per the makers, the Boruto filler episodes were required to maintain a time gap between the anime series and manga.

Some anime series fans want to binge-watch the series but also want to skip the filler episodes. Here comes this guide to assist them with Boruto Filler episodes.

Boruto Filler Episodes
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Have 48 Filler Episodes

Borutu: Naruto Next Generations is about the life of Naruto’s son Boruto. He faces various difficulties while coming out of his father’s support. Boruto becomes a great ninja with the help of his friends. The anime series covers the lives of other children of Naruto, including Sarada and Shikadai.

Similar to Naruto, Boruto also has filler installments. Out of a total of 290 episodes, there are 48 filler episodes in Boruto.

Should You Skip or Watch Boruto Filler Episodes?

Boruto Filler Episodes
Boruto Filler Episodes Are Worth Watching

Depending upon the arc of the anime series, you should skip or watch the episode. While we recommend watching all filler episodes of Boruto, you don’t necessarily need to watch them all.

Here is the list of Boruto filler episodes that we recommend watching or skipping. The watchlist is based on fans’ recommendations as well.

Boruto Arc Title Episode Number Skip or Watch?
Academy Entrance Arc 16 and 17 Watch
Genin Mission Arc 40 and 41 Watch
Byakuya Gang Arc 48 to 50 Skip
Cho-Cho Arc 67 to 69 Skip
Naruto Shinden Arc 96 and 97 Watch
Konoha Shinden Arc 112 to 119 Watch
Mujina Bandits Arc 152 to 156 Watch
Time Slip Arc 138 to 140 Watch
Great Sea Battle Of Kirigakure Arc 231 and 232 Skip
256 to 260 Watch
Kawaki & Himawari Academy Arc 261 to 273 Skip

Total number of filler episodes = 48

Boruto Filler Episodes
Boruto is Streaming On Crunchyroll

Where to Watch Boruto Filler Episodes Online?

Boruto Filler episodes are available to watch online on multiple platforms, including Crunchyroll, Hulu, Prime Video, and more.