Many fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Boruto Part 2, and there have been rumors that Boruto Part 2 has been leaked. A Twitter user has revealed many significant details about part 2 of Boruto.

The Boruto Part 2 details leak has disappointed many fans as this leak mentions the return of an old arc in the series.

Boruto Part 2 Leaked! Watch Online Here
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Twitter User Leaks Boruto Part 2 Storylines

A Twitter user @Haise_222 has leaked a significant storyline of Boruto Part 2. According to the leaked information, Part 2 of Boruto will have a total of 3 arcs. However, the order of the arcs has not been confirmed yet.

The first arc of part 2 will adapt the manga portion in which Daemon and Eida are invited to stay in Konoha.

Another arc of Part 2 will feature the journey of Sarada as she unlocked the 3rd Tomoe of Sharingan during the joint mission between Team 10, Mitsuki, and Sarada.

Furthermore, the final arm, as per the Boruto Part 2 leak, is the Funato arc which will be returning with Buntan.

Boruto Part 2 Leaked! Watch Online Here
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Fans Disappointed with Funato Arc’s Return

While fans have enjoyed two arcs of Boruto Part two with enthusiasm, they are disappointed with the return of the Funato arc.

The Funato arc was expected to support and highlight the side characters of the anime series and their abilities. However, the arc did not do well since the story was boring, and the visuals were also not up to the mark.

Fans are unhappy because the Funato arc of Part 2 will have more than 20 episodes but with a “not so interesting” story.

According to some fans, makers have done this to align the time skip with the manga series.

Despite lacking official confirmation, the leaks regarding Boruto Part 2 should not be disregarded. The Twitter user @Haise_222, who has been sharing details about the upcoming season, has been a reliable source of information for many anime fans.

Where to Watch Boruto Part 2 Online?

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is available to watch exclusively on Crunchyroll online. You need to subscribe to Crunchyroll to watch the a