The Boruto spoilers have left fans eagerly awaiting the release of new manga chapters, as it was unveiled in the cover art for Boruto Volume 20. This captivating artwork showcases a face-off between Boruto and Kawaki, offering a tantalizing glimpse into an intense and pivotal moment in the story.

In a matter of weeks, fans can anticipate the arrival of the forthcoming Boruto manga volume, and as a precursor to its release, the official cover art was generously shared on the Naruto series Twitter account.

Considering the content that will be compiled within this volume, the confrontation between Boruto and Kawaki serves as an ideal choice for the cover, capturing the essence of their intense battle.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is currently experiencing a period of hiatus.

Boruto Spoilers
Boruto Spoilers

Since the inception of the Boruto manga, fans have consistently endured a monthly waiting period between each chapter’s release, eagerly anticipating each Boruto spoilers. This contrasts with the original Naruto anime, which followed a weekly serialization schedule.

Recently, the Boruto manga embarked on a substantial three-month hiatus, resulting in an extended break. With the last chapter published in April, fans can expect the next installment of Boruto to grace the pages this coming August.

Although the duration of this hiatus exceeds the usual standards for the series, fans can take solace in anticipation of an upcoming chapter that will usher in a fresh and exciting arc.

Since its inception in 2016, the manga series has maintained a predominantly regular monthly release schedule. Hence, this current hiatus stands as one of the lengthiest interruptions experienced within the series thus far.

Moreover, compounding the dearth of new content, the Boruto anime also took a recent hiatus, presumably to avoid surpassing the manga’s storyline.

Boruto Spoilers: The unveiling of the cover art showcases the artwork for Volume 20.

Boruto Spoilers
Boruto Spoilers

The upcoming volume, filled with thrilling Boruto spoilers, showcases a captivating artwork featuring Boruto and Kawaki locked in intense combat. While this isn’t their inaugural appearance on a volume cover, their powerful battle poses make this artwork truly exceptional.

Anticipated to include chapters 76-80, the release of the next volume will likely take a couple of months. However, considering the recent manga hiatus, there exists a possibility of subsequent volume releases being delayed. As of now, no official confirmation has been provided regarding this matter.

Boruto Volume 20 is scheduled for release in Japan on June 2, 2023. However, at present, there is no information available regarding the release date of this volume in English outside of Japan.