Andy Ruiz Jr. Fought back after a third-round knockout to deliver 4 knockouts and stop Anthony Joshua by the 7th round. With this win Ruiz Jr. Has won all three of Joshua’s title to become the first ever Mexican world heavyweight champion.

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Ruiz Jr. (33-1) Defeated previously unbeaten Joshua(22-1/21 KOs) to win International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Federation titles. Andy Ruiz jr. Was brought about as a replacement for opponent Jared Miller and surprised a host of Joshua fans. With all odds stacked against him (10-1) he deployed aggressive gameplay with a flurry of furious punching and caught Joshua as a surprise.

Joshua could never recover after the first knockout blow

Joshua suffered his first ever defeat. The upset didn’t look like coming at all after Joshua knocked Ruiz out first in the third round. In reply Ruiz knocked out Joshua twice right after, stunning the 90k crowd at Madison Square. The first blow landed at his head and he struggled to recover after that. The bell came to his rescue to the 2nd knockdown.

Ruiz again laid into Joshua with a host of hooks and punches in the seventh round that left Joshua gasping. He was down and out leaning on the ropes when the referee decided to talk to him and stop.

“I’m a Mexican warrior, I have that blood in me.”

Ruiz Jr. was all ecstatic after the upset. The setback in Joshua’s career is the push Ruiz needed. Ruiz went on to explain how getting knocked out “first time” spurred him on.

“I can’t believe I just made my dream come true, the sky is the limit. That was the first time I’ve been down on the floor and it just made me stronger,” he said.

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua boxing knockout results match

Joshua didn’t mince words in praising Ruiz. “Respect to Andy Ruiz Jr. Sorry I let my fans down.”

This was a big reality check for Joshua who looked quite confident and even seemed to look past Andy Ruiz. He more or less treated this fight as his introduction to the United States. He definitely was mistaken when he said he wasn’t thinking about Ruiz and is looking to forward to fight Wilder.

“Even though an athlete or a fighter will always say, ‘I have to focus solely on my opponent on June 1,’ I’m not going to lie and say I haven’t always looked at that bigger picture,” was the earlier statement of Joshua. How the perspective much have changed now!