Communication, respect, and trust are the building blocks of marriage. Is there a future if you can’t have these things on your wedding day? The woman doesn’t think so.

Slate has an advice column called Dear Prudence, where readers submit questions they don’t have answers to. An anonymous woman sent in a confession about the disrespectful stunt her partner pulled on her during the ceremony for one of its recent editions.

She asked for a divorce the next day, but everyone around her said she was overreacting and should give her man another chance. But she doesn’t want to and believes in her judgment. The woman asked if what she was doing was ok after she described what happened.


A woman asked for a divorce the morning after her wedding because she felt disrespected.


She was asked if she overreacted by an online magazine.


Dr. Joshua Klapow, a clinical psychologist and host of the podcast The Kurre and Klapow Show, defines romantic compatibility as “the degree to which each person’s view of love, intimacy, and attraction (and the expression of these experiences) work together for mutual benefit.” If the author of the post feels loved when she can be safe, her partner taking it away from her on their special day is beyond selfish.

Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, added that romantic compatibility happens when two people are “equally attracted to each other.” But more than feeling butterflies and being emotionally intimate, according to Susan, romantic compatibility happens when they’re both “on the same page about where you want the relationship to go.”

It’s all about the details when it comes to romance, like doing activities the two of you can enjoy together. Not one person was having fun at the expense of the other. This is not normal. For Jessmina “Minaa B.” Archbold, psychotherapist, social worker, and author of Rivers Are Coming: Essays and Poems on Healing. Romantic compatibility is when two partners respect each other and are interested in learning more about each other. “You don’t necessarily have to share the same interests,” Archbold explained. “But it means caring enough to learn about each other in order to strengthen the relationship bond, while also learning about each other’s needs.”

Experts define a good match as a union. That is not a cliché. It is reality. Why should the other party pay the price if they aren’t willing to accept it?


The publishers mentioned that it’s totally up to her.


While every situation is different, JC Law, a legal firm with decades of experience in helping couples realize when to get a divorce instead of a mediation, claim these signs heavily suggest the former:

  • You’re actively avoiding your partner;
  • They don’t act like your partner;
  • You don’t trust or respect your partner;
  • You’ve tried and tried and tried… But nothing changes;
  • You’re worried about what others might think;
  • You’re staying together for the kids;
  • It’s cheaper to stay together;
  • You daydream about single life or dating;
  • You’re thinking about separation, if not divorce.


So did the readers.