Britney Spears has been through a lot, despite her conservatorship ending in November 2021. When her conservatorship concluded, the actress was said to have a net worth of $60 million, but it has declined a lot since then because she paid so much in legal fees. According to a recent report, the singer paid her lawyer a shocking amount of money. Read on to find out more.

Britney Spears has been in the news for more than just her legal problems. On many occasions, the award-winning singer was seen without her wedding ring, which led people to think that she and her actor and model husband, Sam Asghari, might be having issues.

According to TMZ, Britney Spears has paid her lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, millions of dollars in legal fees. If the reports are what they claim, Britney paid a huge $4.2 million for legal services. Sources say that the singer’s team got so angry that her lawyer, Rosengart, has now agreed to help her for free for the foreseeable future. The number is only a small part of what Britney has paid Rosengart, as per sources, and the total fees could reach a huge $6 million.

Britney Spears Has Spent About $30 Million On Dozens of Lawers Over Her Course of 13-Year Long Conservatorship

After Britney pushed Rosengart away over his legal fees, the singer’s lawyer has now agreed to work for free for the rest of the case.

The Grammy-winning singer is still fighting a case against her father, Jamie Spears, and Tri Star Sports & Entertainment Group. Rosengart hasn’t given any official statement regarding this as of now.

Documents filed by Rosengart show that more than $30 million has been made by several lawyers in the 13-year-long conservatorship case.

The Toxic hitmaker hasn’t said anything yet about having to pay so much money in legal fees.


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