There’s a separate fan base for Run BTS and everyone knows why.Run BTS was all about a weekly catch-up between BTS and their fans. The BTS members tried different activities to make the BTS Army happy. If you too are a BTS fan, then there is good news for you!

The Bangtan Boys are all set to start the New Year cheerfully! BTS announced that there would be a special episode of Run BTS. All the BTS members will star in this particular episode. The eldest member of BTS, Jin, is serving in the military and he would be performing in the special episode too. The fans couldn’t be happier!

Special Episode of Run BTS

Here’s all you need to know about this upcoming Run BTS episode.

‘Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode Next Top Genius’

This special episode would be called ‘Run BTS! 2023 Special Episode Next Top Genius’. Doesn’t that sound amazing? The teaser of the upcoming episode is already out. The fans, indeed, can’t control their excitement.

You can see all the seven BTS members decked up and gathered in front of a table ready with cards. It looks like the BTS members are going to play a game! You might see BTS putting their minds to the test.

In another teaser scene, the BTS members wear headbands with cat ears. They also have O and X paddles in their hands. The BTS members have planned lots of fun activities for the Army. The upcoming episode certainly looks super entertaining.   

This is not the only thing. A shocking revelation awaits the fans at the end of the special episode.

You can watch all the episodes of Run BTS on YouTube!

“From the very first episode to the latest one, now you can watch #RunBTS on YouTube! Episodes are to be uploaded every day in chronological order.