Fans are curious to know more about Bupkis Season 2. Pete Davidson’s Bupkis isn’t any ordinary sitcom. This Peacock series delves deep into the bizarre mind of Pete Davidson, which was overridden with many troubles and apprehensions. The show can be termed an inflated interpretation of Pete and his perspective of the world around him.

Many prominent names have been part of this series. The first season comprised eight episodes and followed the journey of Pete Davidson as he battled several problems like drug addiction, family troubles, etc.

Bupkis Season 2 latest update
Many prominent names have been part of this series

Will there be a Bupkis Season 2 on Peacock?

At the time of writing this article, we don’t have any official announcement from Peacock about renewing Bupkis for a second season. Right now, we can only speculate about the possibility of a new season. Well, if we go by the predictions, then fans can get to see Bupkis Season 2.

The show has become a major hit. Pete Davidson has been applauded for the complexity and emotions portrayed in the series. In fact, we believe that this series might turn out to be Peacock’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Pete went through many troubles, and many of them are yet to be dramatised. We’ll see many cameos by big celebrities in the series.

Does Bupkis Season 2 stand cancelled or renewed?

The status of Bupkis Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed. But there are very few chances that the series will be cancelled. The ratings for the first season were fabulous. Also, the story feels unfinished since many of the problems that Pete faced in Bupkis Season 1 haven’t been resolved in the ending.

Bupkis Season 2 renewed
The status of Bupkis Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed

Pete Davidson is counted among the top comedians in the industry and has amusing pop-cultural prominence. It would be a huge surprise if a show based on such a famous and bizarre personality was cancelled after just one season.

Bupkis Season 2 Release Date

Bupkis Season 2’s release date is not confirmed. Since the first season ended just a few days ago, we will have to wait sometime before any update about season 2 is announced. According to our speculations, if a second season is announced, it will premiere in mid-2024.

Bupkis Season 1 is streaming on Peacock. Buy a premium plan worth $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Unfortunately, there’s no free trial offered by Peacock.