Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. This is because of the simple reason that no cure for it has been developed as yet. The virus attacks the immunity system and makes the person vulnerable to even the weakest virus and bacteria.

Therefore the patient has to lead a very difficult life. Same is the condition of a lung cancer patient who is now planning to sue a tobacco company. Read the full story here.

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Cancer patient plans to sue his former employers

A cancer patient is planning to sue the British American Tobacco (BAT). This is for giving him free cigarettes as part of his job.

The cancer patient named Simon Neale used to work as a salesman in a tobacco manufacturing company. He worked there for four years and as a part of his job received 1,200 cigarettes.

Cancer patient “to sue” tobacco firm
Cancer patient “to sue” tobacco firm
Source: Metro

This huge amount was allotted to him every month and was to use or to give away. Because of this Neale became a heavy smoker. His lawyers are now threatening the tobacco manufacturer for legal action. The lawyers claim that the bosses had complete knowledge of the dangers of smoking.

Because of this heavy smoking, Neale is now suffering from lung cancer. He was diagnosed with it in 2018 and at that time he was still a heavy smoker. However, since then he has quit smoking.

Reaction of the company

On Thursday, BAT conducted its annual general meet. In the meet, Ms Arnold says that Simon is just of the thousands of the employees who received the free cigarettes. She further accepts that the company encouraged those who now suffer from smoking-related diseases.

Cancer patient “to sue” tobacco firm
The lawyers of the Simon Neale plan to sue the tobacco company
Source: Seeking Alpha

The head of the corporate affairs gives justification regarding the same. Simon says that the employees of their company had an option earlier. This was so as to receive a monthly allowance of cigarettes. Cleverly says that the product has the relevant health warnings as well as it complies with the regulations.

However, the lawyer of the cancer patient is not satisfied with this statement. Richard Meeran calls it all a breach of the employer’s duty of care.