One Piece on Netflix is a legendary anime that left the platform in 2023. Since the anime left the OTT giant, many anime fans gave the series a tryout.

Despite being a highly popular anime series on Netflix, One Piece left the streaming platform in February 2023. This news surprised many anime series fans who were watching the series on the platform or were willing to watch it in the future.

The End of One Piece on Netflix
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Good News for Fans: One Piece Anime to Remain on Netflix Despite Season Removal

Fans of the One Piece anime series were relieved to know that the show remained on the streaming platform despite some seasons being removed from Netflix on February 11, 2023.

One Piece fans were left disappointed in the past when Netflix decided to remove a lot of anime content in February 2023, including the 130 episodes of the iconic series.

In the past, it was announced that the first 130 episodes of One Piece would be removed from Netflix, causing concern for fans of the series. These episodes covered the East Blue Arc and the end of the Alabasta Arc, containing significant parts of the overall story.

The removal of these episodes meant limited access to One Piece on Netflix, a major offering of anime content on the platform. This news surprised and disappointed many fans who were either currently watching the series or planning to do so in the future.

The End of One Piece on Netflix - One Piece Manga
One Piece Manga

The Big Question: Why Netflix Removed One Piece Anime?

It is not confirmed why Netflix removed One Piece from the platform. As per the rumors, Netflix removed the series’s first 130 episodes to encourage the new viewer to start with the live-action series and then transition to the anime.

The End of One Piece on Netflix Reports Suggest Its Exit in February 2023 - Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro

However, it was not possible for the series to cover the full story without these 130 episodes. Fans could also blame the streaming rights as the reason for the removal of the series from the platform.

Since anime is highly popular among anime audiences, various platforms were fighting for the rights of the series, which could have been a possible reason for the removal of One Piece on Netflix.