The fate of one particular player will draw interest from a lot of teams. Houston Rocket’s Carmelo Anthony joined the team last year with great resolve, but the team struggled throughout the season, and Anthony was an easy scapegoat. Perhaps it is time for redemption for Anthony, and here are a few teams that can help him on his path:

#1. Los Angeles Lakers

Carmelo Anthony Free Agency

For many the ultimate destination in the NBA, the Lakers have a great lure right now, especially with the signing of Anthony Davis to pair up with LeBron James. Lakers could go for a trifecta of scores by pairing Carmel Anthony with King James and Anthony Davis.

While many dismiss Anthony as an elite scorer now, he could redeem him form at the Lakers amongst such esteemed company. A cheap ($2.4M) option, he would add experience to the Lakers side.

#2. Golden State Warriors

The fallen NBA Finals losers have already lost Kevin Durant. And Klay Thompson is not getting fit anytime soon. The Warriors definitely need another offensive threat. They cannot rely solely on Draymond Green, the Finals show what happens when they do.

Carmelo Anthony NBA free agency Golden State Warriors free agent NBA trade deal

As a veteran, Carmel Anthony would be a very solid signing for the Warriors.

#3. Philadelphia 76ers

Carmelo Anthony NBA free agency Philadelphia 76ers free agent NBA trade deal

The 76ers still need one more offensive threat alongside Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick. If they manage to retain the pair, and Tobias Harris, AND manage to land Carmelo Anthony, it would be a perfect window for the 76ers.

The teams defense is already quite big, their problems begin when they are forced to rely on their second unit. Their bench is nothing to boast about either. Anthony’s leadership and contribution on the offensive front could be key to the 76ers winning a lot more games.