What you see is not what you get. At least according to the folks at r/AskReddit, the third-largest subreddit site. Some Redditors have rallied around and started rumors that the most prominent stars and actors are not as generous as we thought.

The Redditor u/0belisktheT, led the discussion after asking people’s opinions that the celebrities might be just faking their personality.

Some are good at creating images. And with their team, it becomes a real business. Despite all this, the slippage happens.

Are there any ideas a budding artist could come up with?


1. Gordon Ramsay.

Gordon Ramsay: “I curse worse when I run a kitchen and it’s all an act”

He’s managed to retain like 85% of his staff for more than 15 years. If he was really an a-hole they’d leave right away.


2. Julie Andrews a.k.a. Mary Poppins.

Julie Andrews, aka Mary Poppins. One of her family members worked well with her on a number of projects. She’s very smart and has a mouth of a truck driver.


3. Alice Cooper.

Almost all heavy metal rockers are not religious. But Alice Cooper is such a generous person and a Christian.


4. Marilyn Monroe.

She acts like a blonde, but behind the scenes, she’s a genius and a literature lover (one of the reasons she took inspiration from Arthur Miller).


5. Benedict Cumberbatch.

He carefully avoids bad manners, and we know very little about him.

It surely does take talent. Great work, BC.


6. Pitbull.

I worked in a hotel and meet Pitbull. He seemed kind and humble. All his crew got large rooms with the best services. Pitbull had a little queen room and he cleaned it before leaving.


7. Mariah Carey.

She always gets away being a diva with her killer performances on the stage. The reality is, she’s very mean. Always tries to bring other women in the music industry down and no one likes to work with her because of her high demands.


8. Julia Roberts.

I took pictures of her and all I can say was wow. She yelled at everyone for everything from the time she arrived till she left. Apparently, she always behaves that way when she’s not in front of the camera. Since that day, I have lost my respect for her.


9. The band Rammstein.

They seem as if they just beat an old lady. They are pretty wholesome though.


10. Paris Hilton.

She’s definitely not as airheaded as she pretends to be.


11. Bono.

Named in the Panama Papers list of tax cheats, hypocritical, the charity of Wyclef Jean was a scam, and so on.


12. Tucker Carlson.

Carlson is just a social con artist.


13. Pretty much all the K-Pop bands.

They just sign themselves up to record labels at a very young age and then feel the pressure all their life. There have been several occasions where they’ve collapsed on the stage while their performance. It’s like they sell themselves to the record owners.


14. Jimmy Fallon.

The way Jimmy Fallon laughs is like as if a sniper is pointed at him the whole time. It’s not like he laughs dramatically.


15. Kesha.

Her boss made her seem like a trashy junkie only to sell more and more records. But the truth is that she’s a very religious person.


We like to think of beautiful and kind artists because we think they have to do it in order to be successful. After all, who wants to hire a bad actor?


16. Adam Levine.

Adam Levine performed in Chile a few years ago at the ‘Festival de Viña del Mar’, the biggest musical hall in Latin America. He was an a**hole. He would ask his staff members not to look at him in the eyes every time he walked, and he had anger on his face, his clothes all dirty and he seemed as if he didn’t want to sing. His performance showed how much he hated to be there. He later cursed the crowd and even the whole city. He anyway later apologized for it at the end.


17. Kevin Hart.

In a documentary, he let goes of his friendly mask and then tells one of his boys “you’re nothing without me”


18. Ellen DeGeneres.

It seems DeGeneres fakes her personality. Maybe just watch her episode with Dakota Johnson.


19. Bruce Willis.

I am friends with someone who was a colleague of Bruce Willis. An intern approached him once and told him how much he loved and appreciated his job. Bruce smiled and thanked him for the compliment. He then went to the guy’s boss and told him he would be leaving the set if the employee wasn’t fired right away. The kid was fired and it’s pretty crazy thinking about the time and effort he had to put into it.


20. YouTubers who entertain kids.

All those YouTubers who focus on children. If they were only half satisfied with what they were doing, their eyes wouldn’t look so dead.


21. Samuel L. Jackson

You don’t lie in your character. You have a person who is distinguished between your character. Likewise, you can bring out the emotions of coworkers, friends, and family, and some performers will be different to fit their model of public service.

With that said, Samuel L. Jackson fulfilled some of his previous responsibilities, making him successful for his entire career.


22. Jennifer Lawrence.

She isn’t really the party girl that she seems to be. Just pretends to be relatable.


23. Tom Cruise.

If brainwashing counts, Tom Cruise is a part.


24. The Kardashians.

Kris Jenner is the one behind the whole on-screen persona.


25. Chris Pratt.

Honestly, ever since he got with his new wife, his Instagram posts just seem weird.


26. Joe Rogan.

It might be a wrong assumption but Rogan does seem like a li’l insecure man.


27. Demi Lovato.

Ever since promoting an album through the second documentary, it seems she tried her best to stay on the screen and be relevant. It’s kinda sad. Wish she could be just herself.


28. Catherine Zeta-Jones.

I know Catherine Zeta-Jones is a b*tch who treats people like complete s**ts. I worked in Mandalay Bay in 2002 and she would want you to wait on your hands and feet to welcome her. She didn’t even tip for that.

Jeremy Piven is also MAJOR A ** HOLE IRL. When I was working at a restaurant in Brentwood in 2005 it was criticized for d ** k by all the staff there. As many as it should be removed more than once.


29. Jared Leto.

I was a big fan of his band (30 Second to Mars) at the time. From the old interviews I’ve seen, he was beautiful and passionate about art and acting. Over time, he appears selfish and selfish, as he sees himself as a genius who changes the world.


30. Anne Hathaway.

She’s actually a prick with her staff members. She was voted in Japan as one of the worst celebrities to work with.