While fans were delighted with the latest release of the issue, numerous were simultaneously disheartened to learn that Chainsaw Man chapter 130 would be postponed by one week. After Fujimoto’s consecutive weekly releases leading up to his Golden Week hiatus, fans are perplexed by this interruption in the publication of the upcoming chapter.

Adding to the disappointment for fans, the postponement of Chainsaw Man chapter 130 is particularly disheartening because it is expected to be one of the most distinctive and thrilling installments in the series. With Denji and Asa seemingly collaborating, despite Asa’s opposition to War Devil Yoru, the possibilities for future developments are truly boundless.

Although there is no official explanation for the delay of Chainsaw Man chapter 130, fans can speculate on a few plausible reasons behind this decision.

The postponement of Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 could be caused by several factors.

After the release of chapter 129 on Wednesday, May 12, 2023, at 12AM Japanese Standard Time, fans were informed that the release of the next issue would be postponed until May 26 at the same time. While a two-week delay is not the longest fans have experienced during Fujimoto’s hiatuses, it is still disheartening to hear, especially considering the series is currently at such an exhilarating point.

As previously mentioned, there appears to be no official explanation for the delay. No announcement was made through any official Shueisha channel, and there seems to be no comment from Fujimoto on his personal Twitter regarding the matter. Given the recent weekly releases, fans are somewhat perplexed as to why this break is occurring without any apparent explanation.

One potential explanation for the delay of Chainsaw Man chapter 130 could be related to Fujimoto’s recent pattern of weekly releases for the series. Considering that the series had a consecutive run of five chapters per week leading up to the Golden Week break, it is possible that Fujimoto planned for May to have only two chapters, providing him with an opportunity to catch up on much-needed rest.

Likewise, it is plausible that Fujimoto had every intention of resuming weekly serialization after the Golden Week break but subsequently realized that he required more rest than originally anticipated. Such a reason for the delay would not only be entirely comprehensible but also fully justified on Fujimoto’s part, given the demanding nature of manga publication.

The delay of Chainsaw Man Chapter 130 could also be attributed to Fujimoto’s desire to chart the course of the series moving forward carefully. While Fujimoto undoubtedly has a core, overarching plot in mind for each chapter, the precise path from one narrative checkpoint to the next may not be meticulously planned. Therefore, he could utilize this time to fine-tune the exact route he will take to reach the next significant story development.

Although these speculations remain unconfirmed, and fans have no means of verifying the actual reason for the delay, they are indeed the most plausible explanations. Nevertheless, with each passing day, fans draw nearer to the release of the next chapter, hopefully followed by a return to a weekly serialization pattern for future issues.