Chelsea Handler knows how to party — and diss her detractors with a grin.

Last week, the comedian celebrated her 48th birthday by hitting the hills in a bikini. While she demonstrated her abilities in an Instagram video set to Eminem’s “Without Me,” Handler also took the time to criticize Tucker Carlson in a separate post.

“This one is for Tucker!” Handler captioned the picture.

Chelsea Handler recently released a lighthearted video documenting her life away from motherhood duties. On Fox News, Carlson described Handler as an “aging, deeply unlikable woman who never had children.”

Carlson’s February episode guest, radio host Jesse Kelly, went even further.

Kelly claimed that women have been “told that they should make a career and not have a family or anything like that.” “And before you know it, you’re Chelsea Handler.” Soon, it will be Valentine’s Day, and your womb will resemble a dried-up tumbleweed blowing down an old Western town, and your Valentine’s Day date for the tenth year in a row will be a 10-year-old copy of ‘Magic Mike’ and a half-full bottle of Xanax, and you will appear to be happy.”

Chelsea Handler’s Insta post

Chelsea Handler

Ben Shapiro, a right-wing podcaster, claimed it was “written all over” Handler’s visage “how miserable she is.”

“Wow,” Handler responded in a video. “Why would I need my own children when I can constantly hear these crybabies?” … You people seem irritated by me. I mean, Tucker, I believe it’s time you asked yourself a serious question.”

“Are you really bothered by how much freedom I have?” she asked. “Or are you disappointed that you haven’t yet been able to take it away from me?” Oh, and a brief nod to Ben Shapiro. Thank you for supporting my decision not to have children.”

Handler, who celebrated her 47th birthday by skiing topless last year, appears to be doing well. In her video response, she stated that she has put “ten different people” through college, authored six best-selling books, and recently released a new Netflix special.