One Chick-fil-A customer was left confused after the server who took her order, wrote down her name exactly as they heard it, which seemed to be with a lisp.

A lot of us will stop by a fast food restaurant from time to time because it’s easy and cheap, which can be convenient after a long day.

When you go through a drive-thru, you usually have to give your order through a microphone. One customer recently found out that sometimes things get lost in translation.

Joyce, who goes by the handle @afro_carribean7 on TikTok, showed people how the server noticed that she has a slight lisp and added it to the order.

Warning: The clip below contains strong language

Joyce remembered that when she went through the drive-thru, the person who took her order made a joke about her lisp and said it was “cute.”

The TikToker didn’t think anything of it when she gave her name to be put on the order. She didn’t notice anything strange until she got her food.

The name written on the order was “Joyth,” so it looks like the server either didn’t hear her right or was being funny.

It seems like Joyce thought it was funny, and the responses from the audience also showed that they thought it was funny.

One person penned:

Can’t fault him! Your sense of humor is refreshing btw. More people should practice it!

A second person added:

They owe you a year of free sandwiches for this embarrassment lmao.

A third said:

I bet he said ‘my pleasure’ knowing he was playing on that keyboard.

Some people seemed to empathize with Joyce because they had been through similar things:

I was holding a dog named Sadie & someone asked it’s name & after I told them they said “Thadie?”

Joyce didn’t mind that her name was spelled wrong, and the server might have gotten a laugh or two out of it, which would have made their shift go by a bit faster.

Even though the name was a mess, we hope Joyce liked her food and maybe even went back to talk to the server.