If you want to know about all the One Piece Filler Arcs then you have landed at the right place. Go through the details mentioned about the arcs so that you can decide whether you want to watch or skip the arc. Some fans dislike watching arcs, while others cannot afford to miss any. Well, we leave it to the viewers’ choice.

The One Piece anime has been running for decades and has aired over 1,000 episodes. There have been 95 filler episodes, which constitute 9% of filler arcs. The filler episodes are combined with the main episodes only. This article will talk in detail about the filler arcs and the corresponding episode numbers. You can skip them accordingly.

 One Piece Filler Arcs
The first filler arc is the Warship Island Arc

Warship Island Arc
Episodes: 54-61

The first filler arc is the Warship Island arc. Apis is stuck in the ocean. Straw Hats saves her life and then proceeds towards the grand line. Apis manages to run away from the warship. The crew is adamant about locating Apis and Senneryu. This arc might not be too interesting for many and can be skipped easily.

Post-Arabasta Arc
Episodes: 131-135

The next arc revealed in One Piece is the post-Arabasta arc. There are five episodes included in this arc. Every episode is focused on the stories of the crew members. Only those who are interested in the story of the Straw Hat pirates can give this arc a watch.

Goat Island Arc
Episodes: 136-138

The Goat Island arc follows the failed attempts of the Straw Hats to escape from the Marines. He is stuck on this island, where he finds an old man with several goats. Straw Hats tries to aid the old man by repairing his ship.

one piece filler episodes
There have been 95 filler episodes which constitute 9% filler arcs.

Ruluka Island Arc
Episodes: 139-143

The Ruluka Island Arc follows soon after the Goat Island Arc. Straw Hats arrive on a new island that is under the rule of a cruel dictator named Ruluka. The people on the island are living troubled life due to Ruluka’s cruel tactics. Luffy and Co. help the island’s habitats and leave the island.

G-8 Arc
Episodes: 196-206

After a series of boring arcs, the G-8 arc can be a great watch. Straw Hats is stuck on a marine base. To get away from the marine base, they must locate the ship. The G-8 Arc is quite funny and can be a great watch.

Ocean’s Dream Arc
Episodes: 220-224

Ocean’s Dream has been roughly adapted from the One Piece PlayStation game. A mysterious man makes the Straw Hat Pirates forget all their memories of the Pirates. They cannot remember their identities and feel too confused and amused. The only person who escapes this memory loss is Robin. This arc is quite unique and enjoyable to watch.

Ocean’s Dream Arc
A mysterious man makes the Straw Hat Pirates forget all their memories of the Pirates.

Foxy Arc
Episodes: 225-228

After the Ocean’s Dream arc, viewers get to see the Foxy arc. Straw Hats and Foxy engage in a major clash. Many viewers will prefer to skip this arc since Foxy is one such character that is despised by the majority of One Piece fans.

Ice Hunter Arc
Episodes: 326-335

The eight-filler arc is the Ice Hunter Arc. The benevolent nature of Straw Hats lands him in major trouble. The crew tries to assist some stranded people on a ship but soon finds out that they are bounty hunters. The Hunters launch an attack on the crew. This arc is interesting since we haven’t seen much of the concept of bounty hunters in One Piece.

Spa Island Arc
Episodes: 382-384

The Spa Island arc is the ninth filler arc of the show. There isn’t much in this arc except some trouble created by Foxy when the crew is busy enjoying the visuals at Spa Island.

one piece arcs to skip
Some fans dislike watching arcs while others cannot afford to miss any.

Little East Blue Arc
Episodes: 426-429

This is a special anime-only filler arc. If you plan to watch One Piece Film: Strong World, you must see this arc. The Straw Hats stumble upon an island that resembles East Blue. Those who desire to watch the Strong World movie can watch the Little East Blue Arc.

Z’s Ambition Arc
Episodes: 575-578

This arc can be watched by fans since it is based on all the initial events that occur after the time skip. Also, the movie One Piece Film: Z is based on Z’s Ambition Arc. The pirates reach the Maubeugemour Sea and engage in a fierce battle with the Neo-Marines.

Caesar Retrieval Arc

The arc is based on the attempts of the Straw Hats and the Heart Pirates to find Caeser, who gets kidnapped by some evil people. The arc presents detailed information about the villain Caesar.

best one piece arcs to watch
Many arcs serve as the setup for the next movie

Cidre Guild Arc
Episodes: 895,896

Those who want to watch the Stampede movie can see the Cidre Guild Arc. The Straw Hats and Boa Hancock have an unexpected encounter and both join hands to defeat the Cidre Guild ( a team of specialised bounty hunters). These two episodes of the Cidre Guild Arc are important to watch if you desire to see One Piece Stampede movie

So we have mentioned the important arcs from One Piece right from the beginning. Which arc interests you the most and why? Comment below and keep following Hiptoro.