The seventh episode of “Copycat Killer” continues with the shocking revelation that Jian-ho is suspected of the serial killer Noh. This leads to a media frenzy as the news spreads like wildfire, causing a public uproar. Jia-yi’s body is found with her hand missing, just as it was discovered, and the prosecutors close the case, leaving Kuo in shock.

He turns to Yun-hui, Jian-ho’s sister and his superior, asking her to autopsy Jian-ho’s body to rule him out as the killer, but this request upsets Yun-hui.

The family of Noh’s victims appears at Jian-ho’s memorial service, demanding answers from Yun-hui. Meanwhile, Kuo’s superiors ask him to close the case, but the prosecutor asks for more time to solve it. Kuo delves deeper into Jian-ho’s records and finds out more about Jia-wun, Jian-ho’s close friend. He discovers a tape at Jia-wun’s house with the title “Sodom Nightclub” on it, and upon investigation, finds out that Jia-wun frequented a club called Sodom, where women were assaulted for pleasure by VIPs and wealthy men.

Yun-hi defends her brother, claiming that the serial killer could have used Jian-ho as a pawn and that the natural killer was still out in the open, preparing for the next crime. She is convinced that Jian-ho’s death was not in vain and would eventually lead to the capture of the natural killer.


The seventh episode of “Copycat Killer” is a game-changer, as it reveals the unexpected twist that Jian-ho is suspected as the serial killer. The episode is crafted brilliantly, with the media frenzy and the family of Noh’s victims appearing, adding a sense of urgency and drama. The tension is palpable as Kuo’s investigation uncovers new leads, and the revelation about the Sodom nightclub is shocking.

The intense debate between Ya-cih, He-ping, and Yun-hues keeps the audience engaged. The prosecutor’s agreement with He-ping’s theory about the killer using Jian-ho as a pawn adds a new dimension to the story. The meeting between Kuo and Yun-hui is emotional and highlights their relationship, which has been strained due to the case.

The performances by the cast are exceptional, particularly the portrayal of Yun-huei’s turmoil as she defends her brother’s innocence. The writing is excellent, with well-crafted dialogue that keeps the audience on edge. The seventh episode of “Copycat Killer” is a standout in the series, building up the tension and setting up the stage for the finale.


What is “Copycat Killer” about?

“Copycat Killer” is a Taiwanese crime drama series that follows a group of police officers investigating a series of murders that appear to be copycat killings.

Who are the main characters in “Copycat Killer”?

The main characters in “Copycat Killer” are Kuo, a detective investigating the case; Yun-hui, Kuo’s superior and Jian-ho’s sister; and He-ping, a journalist. Other notable characters include Ya-cih, Kuo’s partner, and the various suspects and witnesses involved in the case.

How many episodes are in “Copycat Killer”?

“Copycat Killer” has eight episodes in the first season.

Is “Copycat Killer” based on a true story?

No, “Copycat Killer” is a fictional series. However, it is inspired by real-life serial killer cases.

Who created “Copycat Killer”?

“Copycat Killer” was created by director Chien-Ming Huang, who also serves as the showrunner.

What language is “Copycat Killer” in?

“Copycat Killer” is in Mandarin, with English subtitles on Netflix.

When was “Copycat Killer” released?

“Copycat Killer” was released in 2021, with the first episode premiering on October 17th.

Is there going to be a second season of “Copycat Killer”?

No official announcement regarding a second season of “Copycat Killer.” However, the show has received positive reviews, and fans are hopeful for another season.
“Copycat Killer” is a gripping crime drama series that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with unexpected twists and engaging performances.