According to Courteney Cox, she sold her house after learning it was haunted. The 57-year-old actress was promoting her upcoming horror comedy series Shining Vale when she spoke on Jimmy Kimmel Live about the troublesome ghost who resided in her former townhome.

However, when Kimmel asked whether she believed in ghosts. Courteney Cox
said as per ET Canada, “I didn’t believe at first. But I lived in this house in Laurel Canyon, which is in L.A., obviously, and it was Gypsy Rose Lee’s house and Carole King.” Cox further said, “So Carole King came over to my house and she said that there had been a divorce, that was really ugly, and there was a ghost in the house. And I was, like, yeah, whatever. But other people who would stay there with me, like friends of mine, said they felt an encounter with a woman who was sitting on the edge of the bed.”

Courteney Cox denied the existence of a ghost in her house in spite of these claims. Courteney claimed that she even attended a séance with Carole but missed some of the proceedings because she was so enamored with the singer.

Courteney Cox added, “I was at the house one day not being a believer. The doorbell rang. It was a UPS guy, or something, and I opened the door and he said, ‘Do you know this house is haunted?’ And I go, ‘Yeah, why? Why do you think that?’ And he goes, ‘Because there is someone standing behind you.’ And I was like, ‘Let’s sell.’” Interestingly, she agreed when Kimmel questioned whether she truly sold the home because of the delivery man.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox

On Sunday, Starz will premiere Shining Vale. The cast of the show includes Greg Kinnear, Sherilyn Fenn, Gus Birney, Dylan Gauge, Mira Sorvino, Merrin Dungey, and Judith Light. Irish comedian Sharon Horgan, 51, and former Friends writer Jeff Astrof, 56, are the authors of Shining Vale.