We have heard many horror stories where parents and teachers had failed to understand the fundaments of period. They failed to sympathize with the young girls because they believed that educating kids about period was inappropriate.

Well, this story is no different. Only the girl’s mother was pissed because her daughter’s friend’s single dad showed the girl where the period products were.

By the time one single dad’s daughter had her first period, he was undeniably prepared for it.

However, when one of the daughter’s friends slept over, it was clear she hadn’t received the same support.

As the man said, “During the night, I heard screaming. I woke up and ran into daughter’s room.”

And when he and the daughter realized what was going on, she was able to console her crying friend and explain what was happening to her. She also showed the girl where the products were and everything appeared to calm down after that.

But when the man told the girl’s mom what happened the following morning, he didn’t get the reaction he expected.

In his words, “Her friend won’t be coming over anymore because of me.”

Even taking aside what could possibly be creepy about this situation, people wondered what the mom even thought he did.

“First off, you didn’t even do anything besides buy period products for your daughter. Your daughter is the one who helped her friend.

Second, what were you supposed to do, just not let the poor girl have any? Her mother isn’t being fair to you or her.”

Another person also considered what must have happened before that night, saying, “Your child had to explain to her friend what was happening. Conclusion mommy dearest didn’t tell her daughter basic information.”