“XplodingUnicorn” is James Breakwell’s Twitter account, and it perfectly describes him. What could represent daily life as a father of four girls under nine better than exploding unicorns? The professional comedian has amassed a sizable following online thanks to his humor accounts, but he’s also a reasonably skilled book author thanks to his comedic parenting guides, and he has two more books scheduled to be released in late 2019 and early 2020.

Sincerely, his daily amusing Twitter musings on raising four girls are what keep us engaged as followers. We almost wonder if a great sense of humor is inherited or if the rest of us aren’t paying close enough attention to our own amazing kids since the things his kids do and say are too funny not to share.

Cough-Cough, Hint-Hint

You know what?
She’s got a point.

Cuddle Life
Kids are something else.

More life goals.
This how we know the kids are being raised right.

I’m actually surprised there’s a child that doesn’t like pancakes in this life.

She’s going places.
Hilarious places.

Whose candy is it really?
We all know.

To the beat of your own drum, kiddo.
I like the way she thinks.

I’m going to stash this idea away in my “for future use” mental file.
She’s brilliant.

She knows.
She knows.

Wolf Army is goals, right?

Life Lessons
Someone’s taught her well.

There is no right answer.
You’re screwed.

Meowy Interesting
I hope she achieves these goals.

Ominous as heck.
Is this psychological insight or a coincidence? Only time will tell.

My kind of people.
She’s cool as heck.

Thinking hard or hardly thinking?
Have you ever seen a kangaroo? They’re beastly as heck.

Heck Yes!
She’s a cool kid.

Safety Plans
I wouldn’t be scared of monsters either under these circumstances.

Kids, right?
Humans are so bizarre.

She’s on to something!
Who has time for negativity? Not children.

She’s not wrong.
It’s not about fun anymore. Sadly.

She’s got a lot to share with you.
Enjoy your cult.

There’s nothing wrong with thriving in chaos, right?