Dance 100 Season 1, a dance competition, premiered on Netflix on March 17, 2023. Ally Love, a Peloton instructor, hosts the show. Eight choreographers competed against each other to create increasingly challenging dance routines for a group of talented dancers.

The Competition Format

The unique twist in this show is that the dancers were the competition’s judges. They were best positioned to critique the routines since they had to perform them. This format led to some bruised egos among the choreographers.

The Elimination Order

This season’s contestants were Max, Akira, Celine, Janick, Rex, Brandy, Rudi, and Keenan. Akira was eliminated in the first round, followed by Janick, Rex, and Rudi in subsequent episodes. The semi-finalists were Max, Celine, Keenan, and Brandi, with Brandi and Keenan competing in the final round.

The Winner

Originally from O’ahu, Hawaii, Brandi Chun emerged as the winner of Dance 100 Season 1. She turned thirty in September 2022 and can be followed on Instagram @brandichun. Keenan Cooks from Boston, who currently lives in New York City, was the runner-up.

The Prize

The winner of Dance 100 Season 1 received a cash prize of $100,000. However, the show’s platform was a significant opportunity for the choreographers to showcase their exceptional skills. In such a subjective competition, every contestant was a winner since they could display their style, presentation, and choreography to a vast audience.

Where is Brandi Chun Now?

Brandi is still involved in dance and choreography. She moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen and currently teaches her unique style of dance choreography at the Millennium Dance Complex. Brandi also provides lessons through DancePlug’s website and collaborates with Go 2 Talent Agency. She has worked on professional dance projects like Cirque Du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson ONE,” the “Move Beyond” tour with Julianne and Derek Hough, and the Disney Junior tour. Besides, Brandi also models and is in a happy relationship with Kanoenoe Esteves, a dancer.