One of the main antagonists of the Swordsmith Village arc is upper demon 4 Hantengu. Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village arc is currently airing one episode a week. Here are some facts about his abilities and who he was before he was a demon.

Upper moon 4 Hantengu
Hantengu clones as seen in the demon slayer anime

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Who is the upper demon 4 Hantengu?

Hantengu first appeared in the first episode of the Swordsmith Village arc. He was shown to be cowardly, timid, and crouching all the time hiding from Muzan and the other demons as they were talking. He is constantly paranoid and is afraid of the most meager things. He spent the whole meeting crying in fear and hiding from everyone.

This is because he thinks he is innocent despite killing many humans and is being bullied by the strong. He will blame anyone but himself for his heinous crimes and gaslight himself into thinking he had nothing to do with those crimes. Upper demon 4 Hantengu gets paired with upper demon rank 5 Gyokko to attack one of the most important places for the demon slayers, the Swordsmith Village.

Hantengu and Gyokku from the Demon Slayer anime

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba: Upper demon 4 Hantengu and his abilities 

As seen from the previous episodes of the new Demon Slayer season, Hantengu can divide himself into different clones using his blood demon art. The clones are represented by different emotions, Sekido (anger), Karaku (pleasure), Aizetsu (sadness), Urogi (joy), Zohakuten (hate), and his final form Urami. This power is triggered when his head is severed. The clones supposedly look like Hantengu’s younger self.

Each of them is very strong and has their own abilities such as manifesting weapons and manipulating their flesh. The clones are just as strong as the original form. Hantengu has a very high-level Stealth that managed to trick both Muichiro and Tanjiro. He managed to get very close to them without them realizing it until he opened the door.

Hantegu’s past and how he became a demon

Upper demon 4 Hantengu was born evil. He has committed numerous crimes in his time as a human. He would settle in different villages with a different names each time and commit more crimes. When he gets caught, he would run away again. Due to his inability to accept his mistakes, he would constantly blame everyone and anything instead of himself for the crimes he committed.

He is also known to have married multiple times and had many children. When he got caught for his crimes, he took out his anger on his wife and children and ends up killing them. When he was finally caught and jailed, he blamed his arms. He always claimed he never lied in his life and claimed that everyone was trying to take advantage of him for being weak.

Hantengu was sentenced to death for his crimes and jailed. While there, Muzan found him and turned him into a demon and Hantengu was able to escape. He dedicated his life to the service of Muzan and was eventually able to make it into the upper moon ranks. He was able to reach the upper demon rank 4.

Where to watch Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba new season online?

The latest episodes of Demon Slayer Swordsmith Village arc will be available to watch on the anime streaming sites Crunchyroll and Funimation on a subscription basis. It is also available on  Netflix and Hulu on a Country basis. The latest episode of Demon Slayer swordsmith village arc airs every Sunday.