Demon Slayer’s Extended Ending has kept us in a daze. After 205 chapters, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has finally come to an end, giving us an amazing climax and a promising future for Tanjiro and his friends.

Here are all the details you need to know if you don’t fear the spoilers! Keep reading.

Demon Slayer's Extended Ending Explained
Demon Slayer

Spoilers Ahead!

Demon Slayer’s Extended Ending Explained

The ending of Demon Slayer was divided into two chapters.

Chapter 204 gives us the final confrontation between Muzan Kibutsuji and the Demon Slayers. Finally, Muzan was killed and the Demon Slayer Corps succeeded in their mission. It was a significant win as Muzan was the origin of all the demons in the series, hence killing him put an end to the creation of demons forever.

In the manga, the Demon Slayers utilize the weakness of the demons, that is the sunlight. They fought the Demons till the last drop of their energy and tried their best to buy the time till the sun rises. The sunrise caused many of the demons to breathe their last, including Muzan, who started to fall apart.

Since Muzan was the original source of the whole clan of demons, the corps sighed a relief, thinking that they were finally successful in defeating the Demon King. But their relief didn’t last long when Tanjiro was finally transformed into a Demon.

Muzan Kibutsuji as shown in the anime: The origin source of All the Demons

Tanjiro, while fighting Muzan, collapsed and succumbed to his injuries while bleeding heavily and becoming unresponsive. This is where the readers are taken into the flashback where we see how Muzan too, was a human once upon a time and was simply a victim of an experiment with some sort of virus. Muzan was also aware that death is constantly close by, even when he was a human. Soon enough, the part switched to Muzan’s consciousness being present within Tanjiro giving him all the demon blood and eventually controlling his mind.

Now that Tanjiro turned into a demon, everyone was afraid of his actions. The Demon Slayer Corps was exhausted but was on high alert for Tanjiro. Tanjiro on the other hand, being controlled by Muzan, started enjoying his newly found Demon powers, acting insanely.

The Demon Slayers tried their best to awaken Tanjiro to come to his senses and turn himself back into the human form but nothing worked. Instead, Tanjiro started demonstrating his newly found powers over the Corps.

However, Nezuko took the situation into her own hands and tried her best to bring her brother back to his real self. This is where the author showed us the power of love and the importance of family and friends. Demon Slayer has always made sure to add up the family dynamics which fans could relate to.

Tanjiro, with the help of Nezuko, finally gained back his own consciousness and defeated Muzan once again.

Demon Slayer's Extended Ending Explained
Tanjiro transforming into a Demon

Chapter 205 painted a picture mainly of decades into the future, the future generations, and the reincarnation of a few important characters in the manga.

Demon Slayer's Extended Ending in the manga Explained
Demon Slayer: The next generation

This chapter’s chronology may have occurred hundreds of years after Tanjiro’s timeline. This chapter depicts the modern-day Kamado family, one of whom bears a remarkable likeness to Tanjiro. It also included Zenitsu, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Murata’s descendants. They all appear to be as close as their predecessors were, indicating a strong family foundation.

The last chapter of Demon Slayer showed us a peaceful world where the people could finally live a normal life without worrying about the Demons killing them.

While nailing a widely adored ending is tough for any series, Demon Slayer’s Extended Ending had a hopeful finish which is a tribute to the sacrifices made for a better future.

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