Are you also tired of waiting for Detective Pikachu and wait to find the answers to your questions? Do you want to know why our little Pikachu sounds like Deadpool and why is he wearing a deerstalker? Well, if that’s what you are looking for, you are at the right place.

When is the release date of Detective Pikachu?

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The viewers will get to watch Detective Pikachu on 10 May in the US and UK. The day is not far when you will get to see your favorite Pokémon on the big screen.

Is the trailer of Detective Pikachu out yet?

If you haven’t seen the trailer of the movie yet, here it is! So just watch and savor every moment of it. Can you figure out all the names of the Pokémon in the trailer? Let’s see if you can name them all or not.

What’s the plot of the movie?

The former Pokémon trainer Tim arrives in Ryme City to find out that his detective father is missing. Tim is further surprised to find Pikachu who claims to be an amazing detective and is also capable of human speech.

The two team up together to search for Tim’s father and solve some mysteries. On their journey, the duo will face several rogue Pokémon and an underground fighting ring. The whole universe is in danger. Watch the movie to know how Tim and Pikachu save the world.

Who are the cast members of Detective Pikachu?

If Pikachu sounds like Deadpool, then you guessed it right. Star Ryan Reynolds has lent his voice for Pikachu’s character in the movie. Other members of the cast include Justice Smith (Tim Goodman), Ken Watanabe (Detective Yoshida), Kathryn Newton (Lucy Stevens), Omar Chaparro (Sebastian), Karan Soni (Jack) and DJ Diplo.