After catching her boyfriend ‘cheating’ while on a cruise ship trip with pals, a lady who dresses up as Disney characters for a career experiences the polar opposite of a fairy tale ending.

Kayla Gardner, a TikTok influencer, was taken aback when her pal observed her partner having a secret rendezvous as she was innocently scrolling through CCTV footage on the TV in their cabin.

Gardner reveals in the first video, “How to Catch a Cheater on a Cruise Ship,” that her partner allegedly lied to her and stated he was going to “get some food” before being caught in the scandalous meet-up with another lady.

She was shown recounting the incident, claiming that she did not accompany him but instead stayed with a friend to prepare when her friend informed her of the betrayal.


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‘The most gut-wrenching, heart racing moment in life is when you go on a cruise and your man says he’s hungry and he’s going to get some food, so you stay behind in the cabin to get ready with your friend,’ she recapped.

‘And she’s flipping through the TV when she comes to the channel that shows you what’s happening live on each deck of the ship.

‘She notices your man, not getting food, but getting another woman’s number, flirting with her putting his arm around her and your friend recorded the whole thing for receipts.

‘Because how can you confront a man without receipts, he’ll just deny the whole thing so you get to relive that moment over and over because you can’t help but to watch it a million times and pray for a different outcome.’

In the second video, titled ‘My friend caught him cheating in real time thanks to the ship’s live cameras’ the friend is first heard asking Gardner ‘who is she.’

‘No way that can’t be him,’ Gardner is heard saying in shock.

‘It looks just like him,’ says the friend.

Gardner then looks to her companion, alarmed, and says stop several times before admitting that she is stressed and chewing her nails.

Caught Cheating


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‘Why do they even have cameras on a ship, for what, why would I want to watch the Lido deck,’ Gardner is heard saying appearing to get more agitated as the incident unfolds.

‘Oh my god, oh my god,’ she continues as her boyfriend is seen moving closer to the camera as he speaks to another woman, who is unknown to Gardner and her friend.

‘This is not happening,’ said Gardner in awe of the situation and then watches him put his arm around the mystery woman.

According to Carnival Cruises’ website, many cameras are installed around their ships for guest safety and security, with some cameras employing facial recognition technology to ensure that the correct passengers are onboard.

In the third video, the man is seen bringing the woman in so her head rests on his shoulder, eliciting a scream from Gardner, who rushes towards the cabin’s door to find him.

Gardner is heard replying, ‘I’ll be right back,’ before stopping in her steps when her buddy yells, ‘He’s handing her his number.’

Gardner is then seen yelling into a walkie-talkie, informing her cruise companions that there is a 911 emergency on the top Lido deck and appealing with everyone to follow her up there, apparently to face him.

While it’s unclear what happened to the boyfriend, a fourth video captioned “cruise cheater part four” showed a fire and rescue boat inspecting the ocean near to the cruise liner.

The video was followed by the following comment: ‘What happened with the cheater on the cruise? I hope you got him off the boat.’

Gardner responded with the caption: ‘Utilize your powers of deduction to put out what happened…’ ‘I’m not trying to incriminate myself, but.’

The videos got hundreds of comments and received just around 26 million views in total.

In a video posted after the cruise liner, she thanked her fans for joining her on her end-of-relationship journey and confirmed she was single.

The video description reads, “Good evening passengers, this is your captain Hot Girl Summer speaking.”

‘Thank you for joining us on the Carnival cruise … as we begin to prepare for takeoff please make sure your feelings are on aeroplane mode and your ex is left on read.’

While the man’s name is unknown, images on Gardner’s Instagram show her enamored with a male labeled as @dorka_bel in multiple postings.

Similar affectionate photographs can be found on the man’s Instagram, including one on Gardner’s birthday that details how the pair met.


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‘This random girl started following me on TikTok, next thing I know she’s commenting on my videos to get my attention and slides into my DM on Insta.

‘I was like ‘yooo she kinda cute, tea’. So we exchange numbers and plan a meet up once she gets back from working literally 6000 miles, and turns out she’s a pretty cool person too.

‘I even get her free tickets to Universal (cause I’m a baller like that). So now all she hears about is Twilight, some jack sparrow guy, and Taylor Swift… Anyways Happy Birthday Kayla!’

We reached out to Gardner and the man who has appeared on her social media with her for comment.