Disney Plus is just a month old streaming service and it is already taking over the established name in the market such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Disney (NYSE:DIS) announced that more than 10 million users signed up for their service within 24 hours of launch and the subscriber count is now doubled as per the data from Apptopia. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said that numbers don’t represent much and one should look at how consumers spend their time on the service.

In terms of that, Disney+ is already winning and users are spending a considerable amount of time on their application and website. Disney Plus has almost the same number of daily sessions per user as compared to Amazon and Netflix, but their average session duration is 5.8% longer than Netflix and 7.8% longer than Prime Video. The only problem is that Disney+ lacks original shows to binge-watch and hence the number keeps declining.

Disney Plus Users don’t have Much Content to Binge-Watch

Disney Plus Users don't have Much Content to Binge-Watch

Disney+ streaming service has high engagement in the first term, but the number kept declining as fewer people are now opening the app after the download. The number has been dropped down from 35 percent to 5 percent as Disney plus library lacks original content.

Most of the Disney+ original shows are still in making and only The Mandalorian has been released and it has the last episode left to air. In conclusion, a lot of users like to binge-watch TV series and Disney plus has nothing to offer on that front. Meanwhile, Netflix has released 53 complete original series, films and special in December alone.

Disney’s Future Plans to beat Netflix and Amazon Prime

Disney's Future Plans to beat Netflix and Amazon Prime

Disney is planning to increase the budget for original content from $1 billion to $2.5 billion in the next few years. A lot of Disney plus shows which are currently under production will release at the end of the next year and some of them will be connected to the MCU movies.

Disney plus has a huge movie library and people are using the Roku app to watch it on TV and hence the numbers are not that clear indication of the market share. But the fact that Disney produces a lot of movies every year, has locked subscribers for annual packages gives them enough to figure it out and beats the likes of Netflix and Amazon’s streaming services.

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